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Dashboard an Analysis

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  • Dashboard an Analysis

    When I first saw the new dashboard it hit me like the onset of the plague from WC3. However after actually experiencing it there are some really good things that have been implemented. The pinkinsh background has even grown on me it's not even all that bad, I find I actually even appreciate it. I guess it was just the drastic changes that all at once was a lot to take in, but after actually using it you see that some really good things came of it. Now I will outline the new features that I think are superb, and then I will discuss what I feel could use some more work.

    The new features I like:
    1. When you are searching for a game a little green box pops out in the top right corner, it looks nice and is subtle while being easily recognizable. A nice improvement on the old system. Looks pretty and sleek too, so that's a bonus.

    2. When you are in game and you go back into the menu the background becomes the the game you are in behind the pinkish overlay, which looks quite nice I must say

    3. While many complain about the sparks, talking about FPS spikes and such, if the system you're running can handle it I think they look nice.

    4. The new sound effects are very similar, and I enjoy the new "popping" sound when you click on a tab.

    5. The new game ready is very nice, I appreciate the nice polish. Looking very good

    6. On the play tab, it is much easier to change game modes, nice addition, I feel like it also has a nicer layout somewhat.

    Now what I think needs to be reworked:

    1. Having the Dota2 Blog on the homepage is not the best decision, I really enjoyed the nice art of the newly released hero. Those pictures are always cool and some great work went into making them, so I want to appreciate them. I prefer the old method of having a click-able button to open the blog in the steam tab. It's more intuitive and makes much more sense. Seeing as the blog only updates once a week, I know there will be nothing new, but you can never get sick of seeing Valve's awesome artwork!

    2. The layout needs some fine tuning, it just doesn't look right everything on one side or the other. Something needs to take center stage (only thing centered is the navigation bar), and perhaps move the chat around where it can be bigger and easier to read. Perhaps put the art in the middle like before with the chat and friends list under it.

    3. Really sad that the wins/losses/abandons are gone from the home page. Since they were only personal might as well leave them. I liked seeing my wins losses and calculating my ratio, should be brought back, not hidden under other tabs.

    4. The Dota 2 Logo looks off to me, it should wither be slightly bigger I feel command more attention.

    Those are my first impressions and my experiences with it so far.

    Hero picker, you are next!

    EDIT: Just remembered I really miss the two side panels coming together and opening to reveal the dashboard. It really was a nice effect, and it would be cool to get it back or something similar.
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    I agree with most of your points. My main ones are:
    - get rid of the browser and replace it with the art they had before
    - rearrange the different widgets. Having two columns looks weird.
    - Change the background color.

    Other than that I really like the new dashboard.

    Edit: Also, re-add the "Top Live Matches" section. That was really convenient.


    • #3
      If Valve's afraid that players don't read the blog, have the blog button change (have addition ! icon or something) for about 3 days or 1st login.
      This way people will notice that blog has updated. Same with patch notes.

      Only applies if they really consider getting rid of the blog on main page.


      • #4
        Some thoughts of mine:
        1) In general this new layout is kind of more comfortable to use, but in my opinion is ugly. This pink area make sense during the match, when you can see that You're still in the game, but without that condition it seems to me as empty spaces, which could be done differently. Old UI got some empty spaces, but they looked better. The old one was more like a panel (I don't know how to call it :<), like a solid thing, and the new one is just a bunch of floating windows.

        2)Some crucial information are not highlighted - new bar with players already confirmed in game (this x/10 with green/red dots) has its own color which is good, but due to small size and small font (and small dots!!!) I sometimes can't find it in the UI. I know where it is, but it somehow doesn't struck my eyes when it should.

        2)New today page - it has lost its main feature i think (as "see blog" and "see changelog" features were already there). "Top live matches" were a remark that there is something cool going on now, which users could take part in (watch), and it was always fresh, as the top games change hourly. As I know, that we can't ger some new content daily to be displayed in this tab during beta, I see this tab in the future as a place to start Your dota sesion - getting to know what cool matches are being played, what cool matches are scheduled to be played later this day, my progress in leages/tournaments if such being implemented in the future etc. And snippet of my personal stats/performance (this could be also implemented "globbaly" in the UI as in the older UI)

        3)Watch Tab - I don't like it, and kind of don't know why. I rather feel it than know it. Maybe it's uglier, maybe there are lots of free spaces, or maybe less information, dunno. Any change here would be nice

        And now some positive things ;p :
        4) I really like position and general appearence of new chat and friends windows. It's more comfortable to use, easier to read, always there etc. And maybe much clearier than the old one. This is good as it is. Also team window looks nice. I can't write any constrictive opinions here (only "cool" "nice" etc. ;p) but this is because I find new chat naturally easier to use.

        5)Don't know if this is place for this, but I love You Valve for showing both win/lose in the performance page ;p

        That's all for now i think.


        • #5
          Well chuddy I don't seem the have an issue with the dots and player ready box, but nice feedback


          • #6
            more importance should be given to user profile. In the old interface the win and loss were in the foreground...


            • #7
              Originally posted by L-a-g-u-n-a View Post
              more importance should be given to user profile. In the old interface the win and loss were in the foreground...
              Agreed I can't believe I forgot to put it in there!

              It is nice to see your w/l/a on the home page at all times. Even if you're in a party.