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Why the new dashboard is superior

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  • Why the new dashboard is superior

    I'm sure most people will disagree off the bat, judging from the forums, but I definitively prefer the new dashboard. At least it has potential:
    1. fix the background. Another colour would help I guess.
    2. Add the possibility of expanding the chat, perhaps drag the whole right column up against the right side of the screen, so its easier to read.

    The old dashboard was dull as hell. And just for reference I made the above picture to counter the image from another thread. The reason this dashboard is superior is the seperation. Left part of screen is for game elements, right part of screen is social elements. You start matchmaking and you can either chat or cycle through some hero profiles. If you chose to chat you look right, and right above the chat panel there's a nifty panel that lets you know how far the matchmaking is. The buttons are better, seem more responsive and without redundant space around it.

    I made this post because people have been stirring up shit for no reason. They are mad about the hero picker (which is dreadful) and cling to the old design. I have yet to see a reason why the old dashboard was better, other than the one I posted - and that argument was bollocks. So if people can't say why they hate the new one, I'll say why I love the new one.
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    i love the new dashboard. Though it would be nice if it would save your preference for grid or card carousel view. Im using search fucntion ant alt enter combo all the time
    Shut your and keep reading


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      Yeah, I agree, the new dashboard seems much nicer, albeit not as pretty as it's trying to be. But it seems much more functional.


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        I love the design of the dashboard, i just dislike the fact that is so much laggy for me than the old one.
        I don't see many people complaining on the dashboard, the whine is mostly about the new hero picking screen.


        • #5
          I agree that it's a lot more functional lay-out compared to the old one.
          But there are still issues with the text-size on lower resolutions, not to mention massive performance issues. And some aesthetic annoyances like the background and the white-space.
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            I quite like it myself for the most part.
            With the exception of the following: (my personal opinion, before people start to get a hissyfit)

            - The background.
            My smallest issue with the background is that it's, for my taste, to "pinkish", i would prefer the hue shifted slightly to the red and darkened a bit (blood redish).
            The main issue i have with it is the fire at the bottom, i really liked the old background before and always had hoped for them to add some epic fire animation with shading on the logo and such.
            Now however you have those nice flames/sparks at the bottom and this pink background at the top, overlapping eachother near the bottom.
            The transition there though is BAD, i have absolutely no idea how that was planned to look bat i can't imagine like this.

            I do think that seeing the game trough the background if your in the menu is pretty nice, but slightly distracting, might be a non issue if the color was and fire were addressed.

            - Functionality for watching games.
            I still think there are quite some things that could/should improve.
            For one, when i try to watch a game but dont have the person on my friends list, its quite damn hard to actually get into their game.
            For example, I'm watching a Purge stream and I really like one of the other players playstyle and hes doing really good with a hero i play a lot.
            I usually try to then find the actual live game to see it from the player perspective.
            How i do this now is (and please tell me if theres a different way) I go and find a recent game played by one of the player that i know is in the live game,
            open the details, go to their profile using their name and then am able to watch their game.
            IF i have the right guy.

            - The Learn tab
            I guess this is planned to be improved eventually anyway, but it would really be nice to have some more information on there.
            One quick and easy example would be base stats like the dota2 wiki ( ,look at the box on the right),
            it now only shows the gains, which doesnt tell THAT much without the base.
            Another one would be to be able to see some different guides for builds.
            Also, the icons for the different stats are still the old ones.

            Im guessing this will sometime be replaced with a system similar to the heropicker, im just hoping they will add more information about the hero then just the skills and his roles,
            if you're going to learn before playing the hero you might as well prepare yourself those moments when you suddenly realize your hero has no base HP.

            I know this isnt in the right section for this but I might as wel trow it in here quickly as i expect the learn tab to become the same.

            - The heropicker
            I personally like the idea of the cards, most portrets might need some adjusting to better fit the heroes but thats for below this.
            I think the style is pretty sweet and it looks quite good, how it works however is pretty horrible.
            Its extremely hard to find a card in the default view without using filters, this will get even worse once all heroes are in.
            I wont say to much about the default view because its just hard and clunky to use, especially considering you would already know what spot your hero would be in on the grid. (so using filters takes longer)

            The gridview however isnt completely bad imo.
            I think it can do, the cards arnt as clear and easy to read as the old gridview but maybe with some more work that can be helped (like work on the portriats, maine card size, position,..)
            What i personally dont like is the way the cards enlarge, i think its a cool idea and looks good but its annoying to navigate.
            When you hover over a card it becomes bigger and covers up the surrounding cards for the most part, making them quite a bit harder to see what hero they are.
            Also when moving over the cards quickly you lose the entire view of the grid with the big cards breaking it up, making it a lot harder to read, the constant flickering of the zoom in/out doesnt help either there.
            (i do like it for its visuals and the idea of it, it just dont really work as well atm)

            Also ofcourse, that when you click a card, you swap back to the default deck view, if you accidentally click twice fast or just click after clicking the card you will completely mes sup your selection again.
            I think the ideas from this thread are pretty solid.

            - Hero Portraits
            I myself dont get all the trash about the female heroes showing cleavage, It's not something valve just did to show some chest.
            The portraits stayed the same for the most part, same width but the height changed (because duhh, the cards are rectangular), so ofc you will see more or the body, the breasts were always there to begin with.
            I think the behavior is pretty childish as well, most people defending it are judged as "just out for the boobs" to put it nicely,
            but to complain about something like (actually wellcovered) breasts showing on a female hero, breasts that have always been there.
            However I might just "not get it", as an art student, because of live modeldrawing, this is quite natural for me and makes all this seem quite silly.

            And those are pretty much my main issues with the current design.

            Also was wondering, why is the ingame UI style and the dashboard so different?
            It feels like the 2 dont really belong together as it is now (dashboard overall style, again is pretty nice, i think)


            • #7
              I could put up with the new dashboard, only so long as the card view is removed as default from the hero picker EXCEPT for Single Draft. Card View should ONLY be used in the learn tab on the dashboard. Beyond that, it has no place in the hero picker.

              I think Valve could do a much better job utilising the whole screen with the new UI. The chat area needs to be expanded, it's just too small. I honestly don't see any need for the blog to be a part of the dashboard, since we can all use the Steam overlay or alt-tab like normal people. Wasting space on something we can already access in multiple easy ways is just retarded. I think the blog should be replaced by the old "Top Live Matches", because that is actually of some use.

              @Above: agreed 100% about the hero portraits.

              But grid-view DEFINITELY needs to be the default view for hero selection. Card view BY DEFAULT is just pants-on-head retarded. I don't know what came over Valve to make card view default. It's just stupid. You should also be able to choose what view you want as default for the hero picker.


              • #8
                I like the new dashboard but the pink background must be replaced.
                The chat is way up high they must put it back to the bottom and make it more wider.
                The friends list is too big make it a little thin.
                And the Dota2blog website must be removed or at least not in the front page I like it better when they post big pictures of the newly released hero.
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                  Okay, ive tried out this new dashboard for a while now, Its great but i agree with OP.. A bigger chat, some adjustments on the background, there is a lot of free space and i dont think its nessasary.
                  But I disslike the new picking system, I will tell you why.
                  1. Its look like card game.. but I like that u pick hero animations it looks cool, but it still needs some adjustments, its too advanced imo.
                  2. When i use the CTRL function to pick the heroes i cant see what my teamates are going to pick, u can see what they have picked in the top center, but not what hero they wanna play.
                  3. With this new pick system i cant see where and what lanes my teammates are going, before i could adapt my pick to the lane i was going to, Its impossible to see the map while picking now.

                  + What i think is good with it.
                  1. As i said, choosing heroes from animations was a cool idé.. looks more attractive.
                  2. Its hopefully easier to new users, with the suggested hero picks.

                  What i would like to see with the new hero picking system to make it better:
                  1.Some sort of bottom that can toggle you to the map, so u can explore the lanes and see where your teammates are going. (pressing F1 for example)
                  2. A option to choose between having this animated hero screen and regular hero icons..
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                  • #10
                    You made the argument that you focus only on small parts of the screen, this is true however its not an iPhone app, your suppost to see all and be given large amount of information or it will look like the starcraft 2 dashboard which is horrible (your probobly wont agree). The old one was generally simple and gave you all important information.

                    The one thing I like is the new party system, when they revert to the old dashboard they should keep that in there.


                    • #11
                      This has to be the dumbest reasoning for something I have ever read. Ok to go along with what you said... EVERYTHING is so freaking small now I can barely read it.
                      Originally posted by Shibubu
                      Sure, it looks a bit silly, but this helmet makes more sense than ~50% of Furions cosmetics that are already in the game. And its not like he's wielding a wooden penis (one can easily make a penis shaped staff out of wooden branch and there are no arguments why it could not be done). The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used. Also it is used for it's quality to withstand blows.
                      Wow, amazing insight.