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Why remove top 3 live matches?

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  • Why remove top 3 live matches?

    Hello why did you remove the top live games from the main screen? I used to always use it to watch a game while I wait for a game.

    Now when I press watch tab its not sorted by the number of spectators so its much more confusing. Before you would just click on one of the top games and done.

  • #2
    Yeah, I miss it too :/
    Originally posted by vladhood
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


    • #3
      The game spectator was an important filler for when people searched for a game, it is stupid to issolate it to its own (broken) tab.


      • #4
        I sometimes just launched the game to look at top live and pick one with some cool people and watch a bit.
        They want to expose the blog to more people which most people won't read no matter how big its on the screen.
        VALVE please make a punishment system that punishes the offenders... not the team. Also ever heard about communication? Try it. It might solve a lot of debates/questions here on the forum.


        • #5
          I definitely hope they add it back in. I thought it was too well designed and too useful to just put away. I realize that the "watch" tab is still there, but it's really nice to have this feature right when you turn on Dota 2.


          • #6
            Yes, the top live matches were amazing.


            • #7
              I liked it too. My guess is that with an increasing number of testers they might have been worried about the impact on that games performance. I remember watching a tournament awhile ago and there was such an excessive number of spectators that the game was lagging heavily for the players. Zoid had to block them out to remove the lag. This is just my guess, they might have resolved that particular issue.
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              • #8
                Tournaments should turn off spectators then :P Dunno why they keep it on.

                I loved that too. So much about the old dashboard was so much better


                • #9
                  This was a feature that I liked. It should be incorporated into the new dashboard. I'd even prefer it more than the update as not many people bother to read all that text.


                  • #10
                    Me too, i just loved this feature, i just hope Valve could re-implement this, at least in the lower bottom of the screen in the actual dashboard (if it's meant to stay that is..). Honestly i can't think of any reason of why it shouldn't be in the main dashboard -_-.


                    • #11
                      I think there can be plenty of room on the main page for it..


                      • #12
                        Maybe Valve want people stay away from watching live games and play their own games instead. But actually in my experience Live games make me stay longer and sometimes after watching a game I want to play a hero right away.
                        This new dashboard is so boring and very empty, nothing worth to stay after I finish playing my games.