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Dashboard (Feedback Update 5/28/2012)

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  • Dashboard (Feedback Update 5/28/2012)

    Dashboard looks just as great as it did before. Uou used up the dead space that 16:9 resolutions used to have, and no problems with it so far. Change the background and keep up the good work Valve!

    Would request the left be 5 columns wide and the right side only 2. Friends box look's too big :/

  • #2
    It feels bigger I still wish the sides of the news page had something though, it dosnt feel like it has any borders, so it ends up feeling and looking like a bad photoshop job. Just give it some faint borders or something


    • #3
      The fonts are still way too small.

      Pro tip

      In game UI = Small

      Out of game UI = Big
      Originally posted by Shibubu
      Sure, it looks a bit silly, but this helmet makes more sense than ~50% of Furions cosmetics that are already in the game. And its not like he's wielding a wooden penis (one can easily make a penis shaped staff out of wooden branch and there are no arguments why it could not be done). The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used. Also it is used for it's quality to withstand blows.
      Wow, amazing insight.


      • #4
        Now if they'd only fix the FPS drop people are experiencing on the player profile screen...


        • #5
          That gap in the middle is really lame.
          [Suggestion] Hide creeps and neutrals health bars when they're full (screenshots included)


          • #6
            I like it and hate it, I hate how the "what are your friends doing" bar thingy is unorganised or feels that way at least. It was crystal clear before now it feels like a mess. At least for me.