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[Suggestion] Do we want our losses back?

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  • [Suggestion] Do we want our losses back?

    Hi everyone,

    Recently losses disappeared on our screen. Some have said GREAT! Others HELL NO!

    So I will try to weight Pros/Cons mentioned by the community:

    Do we want our losses back! YES SIR!

    - Hiding information means Communism!
    - Can be used to "measure" your skills (i.e. improvements)
    - Kills the game community
    - Encourages people to "throw/ruin" a game
    - Innate thrill & will to win
    - No pain no gain
    - Overtime will make people not care about games
    - Will ruin the competition level
    - Boost motivation

    Do we want our losses back! NOT AT ALL!

    - Quells a lot of the "e-peen"
    - It gives you low-self esteem
    - W/L ratio is NOT a proper way to measure one's gameplay
    - Players have a tendency to be depressed
    - Previous games such as HoN were good examples why W/L should not be displayed
    - Makes a dota game more relaxed with a stress free environment
    - Players have a tendency to rage/cry less
    - Play the game for fun
    - Pressure players (How loss stat puts on players)
    - Kills motivation


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    Losses should be returned!


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        Both have Pros & Cons I must say. This is why I have highlighted all arguments presented.


        • #5
          I used to strive to get more wins than losses and dread any losses as that meant I might soon become equal or again have more losses. It made me enjoy the game a lot less than I do now kind of not knowing- even though I hate stat whores I gotta admit it influences you a lot.


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            I think a poll would be good for this thread.
            I vote No.


            • #7
              I want it back! Otherwise people wont care about games and lose or fuck up others games


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                The way I see it, everyone bar the ones at the absolute top and bottom should have 45-55% win ratio, if they don't, matchmaking have been doing a bad job. So neither wins nor losses are a very important statistic. However, I do think it feels odd not to have losses showing. It should show, at least for my own stats. Don't really care if others can see it and I never run around checking peoples profiles anyway.

                I think you should color code the pros and cons of each section green and red. Currently it's kind of hard to get a good overview.
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                  I will re-create this thread with poll

                  Please Mods close this thread Thanks


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                    losses must come back! As i already said: without losses the wins have no sense. You can have 200 Wins and 1000 losses or you can have 100 Wins and 50 losses.
                    Who is better?


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                        No idea why they were removed in the first place.


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                          I want to see my losses, so I can know my total number of games.


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                            In my opinion looses are very important to be there, but I believe a system like in Warcraft 3 should be present.

                            Meaning that there should be a mechanism to reset your public viewed stats OR like that was resetting stats every X period of time.

                            An other option is a choice to play for fun (no public viewed stats effect) or normally (result should count to public viewed stats).

                            At all occasions abandonment should be a unique not reverse-able number in the profile.

                            There could be countless implementations of this concept; I strongly believe there should be one in the game!

                            My two cents.


                            • #15
                              You're never gonna be any good at Dota if you can't even accept your losses.