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Learn Section of Dashboard Should Display More Information

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  • Learn Section of Dashboard Should Display More Information

    These are the things I think the learn section is currently lacking... They would make the learn section a lot more usefull than it currently is:

    + list the heroes base movement speed, base armor, etc
    + contain the complete selection of items with the ability to create and save hero item builds from the learn section
    + the ability to customize your grid layout for the new hero picker from within the learn section

    That's all.. Most of this has probably already been suggested but I just wanted to reinforce the fact that these are features that would be very usefull and probably wouldn't take too much time to implement.

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    Agree, I've found the learn section extremely lacking, any of these suggestions would be great additions.

    Also, something that annoyed me when I started playing the game is that you can't see a characters rating in different roles in the learn tab, only in the character select. Surely if anything it should be the other way around? It's bad enough that half the heroes are listed as carries, but the fact the learn tab doesn't differentiate between a hard carry and a semi-carry seems pretty stupid.


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      My thoughts on Learn

      The learn tab was something I was incredibly excited to see when I finally got my Dota 2 invite....thanks for making me wait for a friend to do it btw...10 months after I signed up. ANYWAYS. The learn tab has such a great potential, but I feel that the dota 2 team is focusing on the in game issues, which are recognized as far more important. I was a bit dissapointed that what was displayed in the "learn" tab, is pretty much just character lore, and ability tool tips. I expect in years to come the "learn" tab will expand to have it's own sub tabs. And I plan to list my ideas as bullets in the way the main post is.

      +++Multiple tabs, Items/Heroes/Players/Creatures
      +++Video examples of heroe abilities. (Have quit dota at about patch 6.63, I had never seen Ancient Apperition before. Having random'd him, I had no idea how his ult worked. I went into a bot game and after about 10 casts I was comfortable with how the template worked)
      +++Player tab - How the reward system works. How earning items works, and the formula for battle points, aswell as explain what abandoning games, and being reported actually does, and the system for dealing with reports (Do items come up like loot drops in mmo's? Are there loot tables based on the character combinations?)
      +++Item tab - Not only a list of what the shop has in game, but maybe small lore on the items themselves, and a break down of what to expect out of the item. (This will help new players greatly, example: Eye of Skadi's full potential is primarily gained by ranged characters....or something like that)
      +++In game numbers - How gold for kills/assists is calculated. Timers for runes/roshan/creep respawn. Range examples.

      I could have sworn that I had more ideas for this, but I suppose I will come accross them later. Thank you for those of you that have read the whole post, if any.


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        Originally posted by yeth_hound View Post
        +++Multiple tabs, Items/Heroes/Players/Creatures
        Yes, definitely! Thumbs up, especially to the Items and Creatures tabs. The ability to edit the grid view info should go here as doesn't make sense to have to go into your Loadout section to change your favorite heroes and such.

        On another note, I would really like to see some links to community guides and blogs somewhere on the dashboard...possibly integration with Not all of the guides are up-to-date, of course, but you know what I'm getting at. Some kind of social integration, like if League of Legends had a interface built right into the client. Putting this kind of information right there in the Learn or Socialize tabs would help newcomers feel much more welcome, and it would be a great resource for experienced players!


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          the socialize tab being blank at the moment, should at least have a link to the forums. If it did, I wouldn't have played the game for 5 months before registering to the forums