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[feedback] The new "Learn" tab/heropedia

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  • [feedback] The new "Learn" tab/heropedia

    My feedback:
    • Dialog in the old learn tab is not there anymore.
    • The new heropedia is slow compared to the old local one.
    • The skill videos are awesome and really helpfull.
    • The addition of buttons to navigate to skills/bio/stats faster in the individual hero pages would be helpfull. (lots of scrolling when on smaller screens)
    • In the old learn tab you could see the skills when clicked on a hero, now you have to navigate all the way to the hero's page.

    Overall i like the new heropedia but its slow compared to the old one and you have to navigate back and forth pages to go from hero to hero, which is ok in a browser but in the client i prefere it nice and fast.

  • #2
    +1 i think that they should make heroes' icons bigger and write on top of each category the name(dire/radiant,strength/agility/intelligence)
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    • #3
      I don't know if it's my internet speed or whatnot, but both the shop and the heropedia are really slow and laggy for me. I'm not sure why they make them both internet browsers, I believe it would be much smoother if it was ingame.
      But agreed, it looks very nice.


      • #4
        I've thought about this, and I think there is one excellent solution for the LEARN-tab. It would require some efforts I suppose, but the whole in-depth details and youtube videos would still be there, so allow me to explain;

        Like before, you could click a random Hero and you would hear a dialog which was funny, PLUS you saw all the BASIC information of the Hero; Skills and their tooltips, then carry/nuker/etc.
        So it was better for just browsing the Heroes fast.

        Now, then there also used to be an external link-button to show the Hero lore, but why not use this link-button to open up the more-detailed page with information and the Youtube videos? Maybe showing the Lore first, then scroll for the rest of the stuff.

        So the idea here is that:
        When you press the LEARN-tab at start, you would see the older, nicely compiled groups of Heroes. (Right now Radiant/Dire Hero Groups are stitched together, darker, and it was more clear before truthfully.)
        You would be able to click, and Select a random Hero but not loading to the page of Youtube videos yet, you would also hear the voice bit and see all the basic stuff (spells and their tooltips, roles, that's it),
        BUT there would be a "LEARN MORE" link for each Hero when selected, to open up the In-Depth more-detailed page of Lore and Youtube videos and stuff.

        I really believe that this change would make the LEARN-thing very much better for all, if not all, players.


        • #5
          Being currently in China, the entire dashboard for me is one huge pain in the @ss. Th Great Firewall kinda blocks, resulting in me seeing only text content. As for Learn tab, it just doesn`t load at all.

          Seriously, why bind the entire in-game dashboard with the website?..
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