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Suggestion for a Marketplace (Mock-up included)

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  • Suggestion for a Marketplace (Mock-up included)

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the dev forums, so I hope this is the correct place to put it, but I believe adding a marketplace to allow for quick and easy trading of specific items would be greatly favorable to the community. Here I have created a mock-up of what I believe it could look like, based on the existing design of the Dashboard.

    Things to note:
    1) The Market tab is the only one I have created a mock-up of, but other tabs would follow a similar design. "Trading..." is the column which displays the item you wish to trade. "Looking For..." displays the specific item you would like to trade for.
    2) In addition to specifying items, you can designate your trade as a "Barter" in the Trading or Looking For column to state you would be willing to open a trade dialog and negotiate for different items. To prevent people negotiating over everything for anything, you can only choose "Barter" for the Trading column or the Looking For column, not both.
    3) The My Trades tab would show completed trades that you have posted, your incomplete trades, and even past trades you have made with others.
    4) New Trade would be the tab to create a new trade to post to the market.
    5) The search tab would be, surprise, a way to search for a specific player or item beyond the basic filter system.

    I hope this is helpful, and any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! This is the continuation of the thread on reddit found here.

    FullSignal aka Hallo457

  • #2
    Sounds like a nice idea!

    It solves 2 issues: The people spamming chatrooms with trade offers may get less because serious trades could be found in the marketplace. And lazy people like me who'd like to trade duplicates but can't be botrhered to actively trade can just put items into the marketplace with the option to trade for some prespecified items.


    • #3
      Thank you! I agree, I think it would solve the issue of unwanted items very nicely for Dota 2. Since you can't "scrap" items like you can in TF2, it creates a build up of things you may not even want. Instead of just hanging onto those items, you can trade with whomever likes the trade you offer. The idea is that those who post fair trades will be rewarded, while those who post ludicrous ones will be shunned on the market.


      • #4
        +1000. Great idea. Really nice mockup too. I think this would definitely reduce the insanely huge amount of trading spam in chat, which really needs to be dealt with.


        • #5
          I wonder if valve actually wants trading to be that easy though. I see trading as something you do among your friends, sure I know there are a ton of sites and such where you do nothing but trading, but Valve would likely see significantly less profits from the shop if you could get your items for "free" trading away your unwanted items instead of.

          That said... I would love something like you suggested to be implemented.