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[Suggestion] Allow option to requeue with people after a match is over

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  • [Suggestion] Allow option to requeue with people after a match is over

    Taken from my thread here:

    Hi, does anyone here know if Valve is planning to implement a "requeue" feature, that is, an option at the end of a MM game to requeue with the team you were just playing with? It would just ask you at the end of every game, clicking "Yes" places you and who ever else clicked "Yes" into a DOTA group ready to play again. Clicking "No" just puts you back with whoever you queued with before the match started (In case you were playing with 3 friends and didn't like the randoms on your team for example).
    This isn't a new idea and I'm pretty sure this idea has been brought up in other games like LoL and HoN, though I don't think either have implemented a feature like this. There is a very good reason to have a feature like this.

    Matchmaking is great. MM gives you, in theory, more balanced matches. In fact, MM appears to be the new fad in online gaming. Why do you have to search for your own game, when the computer can simply look for you? The rise in popularity in MM is something very recent. Games like CS:S didn't have a built in MM feature, but CS:GO will plan to have one. However, I was actually quite disappointed to hear CS:GO will have some sort MM system in place.

    Simply put, MM actually kills the community aspect of online gaming. Let me elaborate. Take Counterstrike for example. Like most (if not all) games, the pub community is greater in number than the competitive community. But you had to search for your own pub server to play on. Each pub had different settings, rules, and even the people who frequent the pubs, be it admins or just regular players, had different personalities. When you found a pub that you liked, you usually stuck with that pub, going there to play again and again, preferring it over other pubs. Over time, you become a regular there too. You know the admins and other regulars and their respective personalities. You have "in jokes" or funny sayings. You BECOME part of that particular server's community.
    However, matchmaking has largely killed that off. It's that simple. Now a lot of that simply has to do with the difference between the way DOTA and CS is played, but still. What used to be a community of players has largely been replaced by random pairings of players, players that usually see each other once and then never again. There's no chance to bond or form a community. I played CS:S for three years, and I made a group of friends on that game that have even gifted me Steam games.
    I've played DOTA and HoN for three years. I haven't made a single online friend in those games. Let me rephrase that. I haven't ever added a single person I met playing a pub onto my friends list.
    Now, you can chalk it up to be community of DOTA2/HoN being more toxic than CS. (The gospel truth, people are nicer in CS). But why?

    This has to do with the fact that there is a matchmaking system in DOTA2/HoN that on one hand, gives a more balanced playing experience, on the other, kills any chance of forming a community with the players that you play with. What does it matter if I rage at these random pubs in the game I play? It's not like I'll ever see them again! This is apparent in old WC3 DOTA, where you had inhouse leagues like DXD (which personally I have never played though), where it's more or less the same people playing in that league. You can bet your ass that there was a community there.

    I think we can all agree, the more games you play with someone, the more chance of you actually developing a bond with them.
    Put a feature like this in place. You'll play with some randoms in solo queue. Maybe one of the players is really nice and funny. You want to queue with them again. Okay. Maybe you queue five, six times in a row with each other, and say "sorry, gotta sign off now, but let's add each other on Steam friends and play tomorrow". Boom. Friend made. No need for threads on Reddit "I need somebody to queue with".

    Maybe though, he reveals himself to be a closet rager the 2nd time you play with him. Okay, no big. At least I got one good game out of it, queueing again with someone I'm semi-familiar with, and not just another random 4 players.

    And honestly, the more you play with someone, the more tolerant you are of their mistakes, and conversely, the more tolerant they are of yours. Less rage = good times for all, amirite? But also, the more you play with someone, maybe the more tolerant you are of them the rare time they do get mad (happens from time to time). There's less chance of it degenerating into a screaming match between five players if rage does occur.

    TL;DR: Matchmaking in DOTA2 kills any chance of forming a community or online friends. Requeue feature needed to combat this. Right now, it's simply easier to requeue than to go through the hassle of looking up someone's Steam profile, adding them on friends, and queueing with them again.

    Yes, I know that there is an option to add the people you play with as friends and then ask to queue with them. I play almost exclusively with real life friends. Usually 1-2 of them. If I get good teammates, what's wrong with wanting a feature to requeue with them if I so want? Much better than having to roll the dice and possibly get random teammates I haven't played with before. Not to mention this might speed up queue times, since the system no longer has to match up as many random people as before if some people choose to requeue with each other again.

    Basically, I am suggesting a feature that allows you to requeue with the people you just played with without the hassle of adding them onto friends