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Coloured user names. Need support on this too.

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  • Coloured user names. Need support on this too.

    I honestly suggest the use of customizable usernames in the game in terms of colour because as much as I want a customized coloured username I don't want to have to paste it into the console every time I use it.

    I've used a hex editor to colour my name but every time I want to use it I have to paste it into the console and this as you can imagine is quite irritating.

    I've also been trying to get around this using the following script in my autoexec

    alias "+coloredname" "setinfo name "¿o?"
    bind "n" "+coloredname"

    there is hex code in the ¿o? denoting purple, orange purple which obviously gets stripped out by the thing loading the autoexec, all that would need to be done is add 1 if statement that checks for 'setinfo name' and handles it differently from the rest of commands in autoexec files. This way i can avoid a vac ban for having my name the way it's been in quake for yeaaaars. (Half life 1 was quake engine so i am sure valve understands)

    but unfortunately, the upside down question mark isn't getting picked up by steam, i have searched for what language steam uses but found nothing so I guessed LUA and c++ which both use /" to escape quotations, but when used the game simply returns my name as a /

    The autoexec is refusing to take my colour codes no matter what i do, i tried using literals ie

    alias "+coloredname" "setinfo name [["¿o?]]"
    bind "n" "+coloredname"

    which just ends up in my name being [[

    now I realize that names are colour coded to match their player, but i really dont want a name other than the one in the colours i selected so why not simply have a circular dot in the colour of the player name at the end of each name instead of having a colon while the player name can be the colours that have been added. It would even be prudent to just put the player's hero icon next to their name to skip out on the need for colour to denote player. the icons already exist, why not have them in?

    I also suggest the addition of top bottom and middle missing calls, both in character voice and in text bound to buttons,ie z for top x for mid and c for bot missing, the bots call missing using sound why can't humans?

    if anyone can help me to get my name coloured using an autoexec and hex codes simply bound to a single key, i would really be appreciative because I've spend 3 days on it using every combo I could think of and it just seems that whatever reads autoexec has a built in stripper that doesn't accept escaped quotations or hex coded colour values.

    This could allow team colours in Names for clan matches. If I could just be pointed to what file i'd have to modify to get this working i'd honestly do this myself and re-submit it for approval.

    I just want my name to have purple question marks and an orange o. And for my text to be blue. I just really dont want to have to set this option every game. If anyone know which file i could put my string into without being vac banned plz do tell me.

    so yeah, coloured names (quake managed this back in 1995) and mia calls linked to hero voices and hotkeys.
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    Sorry, but I'm going to disagree entirely. I want colored usernames to NOT be allowed, even via console. The easiest way for me to see who's talking is from the color of their name whenthe text pops up. It lets me easily see their location on the minimap. I get annoyed anytime someone uses colors.

    For example, someone on my radiant team used darkgreen as their username. I kept getting confused about why the other team was planning a gank for us.


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      it sucks!
      BAD person is someone who only think that he/she is a pro and others are noob and then blame the Matchmaking challenge.
      GOOD person is someone who accept the Matchmaking challenge and succeeded getting a teamwork in his/her team


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        So you will completely destroy my ability to have a colored name because you don't like it, instead of hamstringing everyone out there who wants them, how about you you suggest that you be unable to see them? Oh I don't like the way that Al Jazeera presents their information: Okay, don't watch Al Jazeera. Simply add an option saying disable colored names.

        I don't like the look of your feet, so I'd better chop them off. This is why vision is directional. I don't like WOW, we should kill all blizzard employees.


        • #5
          I don't like you but I didn't hire a hitman to kill you. Disable Coloured names option in menu.


          • #6
            Disable coloured names entirely. Makes the names barely seeable, fucks the colour scheme up.



            • #7
              You're getting a bit aggressive, 8087h3d1n054ur.

              And people get way out of hand with all the "options" they want. It seems anytime that someone has an idea, and other people disagree, the person wants it to be an "option" because they have a right to do what they want. If we implemented every option ever proposed, we would need a config screen with hundreds of options to check/uncheck.

              Colored names simply offer no improvement to the game


              • #8
                This should be disabled. No rainbow shit all over the screen please.


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                  Originally posted by CvP View Post
                  No rainbow shit all over the screen please.