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No disconnect/leave game button.

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  • No disconnect/leave game button.

    It seems my leave game button is missing. There was an instance when my ping was bad and I was laggy and so I went to the dashboard from the game to disconnect and reconnect to see if there was any improvement. The buttons weren't there. So from time to time I have been checking during games and the buttons are just not there when I go to the main menu from the game. This is so on both bot and pub matches. A couple of times I have seen them there for a flash but then they disappear. I have asked team mates if they are experiencing the same thing, and get the usual no answer. Heaven forbid any of them remember this is a beta game and offer up a reply. But I digress.
    For the inevitable "you shouldnt leave a game anyway" people, I have zero (0) abandons. The button should be there and its not.
    AXE DOES NOT PICK SIDES!!! But Axe is on your side. -Axe

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    I agree. After queueing for another game I started lagging really badly from the start in the fountain. Unfortunately I couldn't disconnect so I had to restart the whole game in order to reconnect to the match (which fixed the lag). Having to restart Dota 2 was much more disruptive to the game than a disconnect button would've been, which will not deter intentional leavers since you can exit the whole game or unplug your internet cable/wireless if you're that keen.

    I, for one, welcome our new Russian overlords.


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      Okay the button came back for a bit then disappeared again
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      AXE DOES NOT PICK SIDES!!! But Axe is on your side. -Axe


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        I posted this thread some time ago and havent gotten any feedback. After playing Dota2 for some time I fully understand why the leave game button is missing, (if it is intentional), but why would you take the leave game button out of private lobby? Seriously, its a private game if someone wants to leave let them leave. Sometimes when a new hero comes out I like to try them in an all bot match and now I cant leave the game. A single player bot match that can't be stopped? Is this because it's unfair to the bots? Put the leave game button back, please.
        AXE DOES NOT PICK SIDES!!! But Axe is on your side. -Axe


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          Me and my bro just finished a game and both of us got a autodisconnect when enemy ancient fell, then leaderboard showed (no items) and after this we both got stuck in the menu with game is safe to leave msg and no buttons and this lasts like an hour or so already... Nothing helps so far. Any tips pls?


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            Just ran into the same issue, the server disconnected after the end-game screen showed up. Me and my friend who queued for game have the "game is finished" message on dashboard but no way of exiting to find a new game (entire play tab grayed out). Restarting Dota2 and Steam does not fix the issue, restarting router does not fix the issue.


            edit: Worked out how to fix: You need to spectate a game near the end, and when the scoreboard shows up, hit the close button.
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