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Showing win/loss drain my willpower

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  • Showing win/loss drain my willpower

    Alright here I go, this has been on my mind for ages now and I know I will probably get flamed for my affliction. I am not trying to antagonize anyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Currently I have lost all willpower to play DotA2 in any sort of way. Its not because of anything in the actual game to me that is literally killing my drive to play the game (the desire to play the game is stronger than ever). Its when I see that I constantly have more losses than wins. I know I'm terrible at this game. I am at terrible at many games because I am gaming as a hobby and have many games I wish to play. The problem that has made me lose all the drive and willpower to play the game isn't actually losing in itself however.

    I feel visually taunted by the game just by entering and seeing how my losses are higher than wins (301 wins to 309 losses currently). Even during the few times where I have ended up in the positive I have been scared of losing so much that it took a lot of willpower just to play as well. I know that there are people who love to see their win/loss ratio and I fully accept that these people should not be denied that, but in the interest of other players I am wondering if they can't just use the other DotA2 stats websites so that people like me will not be visually taunted by their inability to play well. I more than fully support people seeing their abandons however (maybe as a percentage instead though), but I feel I am not a good judge of this as I have none.

    If you remember during the change to the current dashboard there was a period where you could not see your wins and losses. I would like to note that during this period I probably played more DotA2 than I ever had before just, which I attribute at least partially to the lack of these visual indicators showing my win/loss.

    In summary, I myself am having problems finding the willpower to play DotA2 because I can see my losses. It would be nice if the visual losses counter was removed in the dashboard so it could only be seen in DotA2 stats websites.

    And yes I know its probably childish, I know I could just not look at it and so on. But I apparently can't help myself when it is on the dashboard. I hope you do not take offense.

  • #2
    I can understand this. Should be an option to toggle off option to view wins/loss, maybe even total number of games, as some people might find the amount of time spent on this game... disturbing

    In the meantime, Trakesh, you should try and not look at stats. Besides, 301 to 309 is not bad at all :-)


    • #3
      Well, I it´s not really needed to disable it. Just make it an option whether you want to see it or not. It makes no sense to remove something other people want to see themselves.

      1. Suggestion: Make it outdisabled and have an option in the option section. (Prolly with a one-time reminder on your profil that you can make loses visible)

      2. Suggestion: Make it like the outcome of games were you can choose to show the winner by clicking on a textfield.


      • #4
        There's plenty of people who have a negative W/L ratio, it's nothing to be worried about.


        • #5
          Your W/L ratio is pretty good, but I can understand how you feel. I agree, people should be able to choose if they want to see it or not.
          Originally posted by vladhood
          boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


          • #6
            Or you could grow some damn balls in your life. For every guy with more than 50% win there's one with less than 50% win, simple maths


            • #7
              Your win/loss isnt even that bad. I saw someone with 50 wins and 400 losses once so you shouldn't get discouraged.


              • #8
                It is inaccurate. I have games that I've won and showed up as loss and vice versa. Please fix the bug.


                • #9
                  What Swiftending said.

                  Also, what's making you look at those stats? When you log in to the game you don't have the winrating showed in your face. You have to go to your profile and look at the loss count to even know what it is. If you are so scared, just go straight to matchmaking and live in blissful ignorance of your loss count.
                  Originally posted by DeadlyGrim
                  Is a man not entitled to view his own ranking? No says the man at Valve, it belongs to us!


                  • #10
                    Hiding them away from the UI won't make it stop. If those stats are really bothering you, you will feel the need to look for them wherever you can find them (such as dotabuff) and won't be satisfied until you overcome the situation.
                    I feel bad that I have slightly less wins than loses, and sometimes I get really bothered by it and try to win some games, but the more you lose, the more frustrated you get, and the more it seems odds are against you. I've once lost 7 games in a row in this state where I had good performances (even 16-2 on magina and 9-0 invoker) and thought my team was bad for feeding, but maybe it was me. Maybe I was frustrated with myself and not cooperating with everyone. It is a team game after all.

                    My suggestion is, if you are not a core gamer, whenever you get frustrated by it try to remember it's just a game after all, and winning isn't everything. Have a relaxed approach, and whilst you aim for the win, don't make it all about the win.
                    Also, you can always take comfort in knowing that me and a good deal of others are in the same situation you are. That doesn't mean you're bad.
                    One world is much like another


                    • #11
                      This is absolutely pathetic.

                      If you seriously can't see your own W/L, guess what? Too bad.

                      This game is already catering to the sensitive by not having a players skill displayed for others to see. This already causes a massive amount of problems, as in everyone thinks they're better than everyone else because there is no numeric representation of how bad they really are. So you get slobs that go middle, slobs that block bottom lane thinking it's the right thing to do, all thinking they're 'good'

                      In fact, go display a rating publicly. That'll put kids where they belong fast, on support.


                      • #12
                        What a gem of a thread.

                        We totally need a special school of Dota for kids like you. Like a gamemode let's call it "fuck around mode" where no stats are recorded so you don't ever get any motivation to get better.


                        • #13
                          Why flame? This is just his suggestion, and simple option to disable it isn't a bad idea. It may not be a good idea either... but still.


                          • #14
                            The only issue with this feature is it sometimes shows wins as losses.
                            The question isn't why do I kill. The question is, why I don't kill everybody.