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Suggestion: Make a faster reconnect!

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  • Suggestion: Make a faster reconnect!

    When you disconnect for what ever reason, or even the game shuts down: you would want to get into it as fast as possible and reconnect right?

    Well here's what I think should be done:

    1) Skip the fancy intro. Because most of the times you'd rape your escape button for it to skip as fast as possible.

    2) Once everything has loaded, take the player who needs to reconnect straight to a reconnect screen. Or the Play screen right away, whatever is the best.

    3) Do that coding magic where the game loads faster than usual

    If atleast one of these would be added when you disconnected, I would be pleased.

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    1). Dota2->Properties->Set Launch Options-> -novid
    Problem solved
    2) nothing to say here
    3) Well or just get a better PC.


    • #3
      Jesus christ man why does everyone automatickly think "Get a better PC". I have a laptop that is FINE and runs Dota 2 on high settings, smoothly. It is enough and I have 24mbps internet.

      My game loads fine and fast enough, this isn't even about me or my pc.

      Read. Please. Did I ever write that "I disconnect all the time and reconnect so slow and it should be fixed cause I ain't buying a new PC"

      This is for people who have problems with slow start ups, or what ever the reason might be. I am quite sure everyone has atleast faced this once: We need to get back into the game as soon as possible when we disconnect, right? And once again that get a better PC part was a bit ignorant. If you can run a game fine and smoothly you shouldn't be able to be flamed by people who say you need to buy an alienware or a 900$ build like your ultra golden-extreme-gaming-mechanism-II.


      • #4
        If you have a "GOOD" pc and also a "GOOD" internet, then there shouldn't be a problem to reconnect faster than the 5 minute mark (or more if the players are polite).


        • #5
          That is correct. But there might still be people with PCs more wooden than average


          • #6
            Well then they should stop playing public matchmaking (sounds stupids but its true). It will just annoy them when they disconnect all the time and it will just annoy the players who have to play with them.


            • #7
              Originally posted by Blutsense View Post
              1). Dota2->Properties->Set Launch Options-> -novid
              Problem solved
              Thanks a lot for that :-)


              • #8
                Yeah, that is great.

                Edit: By the way, can you set multiple things in launch options? Like -novid and -console together on start?


                • #9
                  Originally posted by EeaZY View Post
                  Yeah, that is great.

                  Edit: By the way, can you set multiple things in launch options? Like -novid and -console together on start?


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by frankles View Post
                    Man that is the most helpful reply ever!



                    • #11
                      Yeah, something like skip the dashboard cold be some use. From what i remenber, valve says they want to make sure that every one who could play dota 1 cold play dota 2 also, what's not true today.

                      Yesterday a see a game form china that was tongfu vs EG, almost half of the players get dc at some point, some more than 1 time. They need to get out of MM? Valve sell games, not hardware. If i spend more in hard, it gonna be less money to spend in games. We not live in a world where great connection and great hardware are cheap for everyone, and even accessible for some.Valve, in other hand, need get more costumers to survive, so, its form they responsibility get some improve in the load time of the game.

                      Waiting for this.
                      What a man can get from a extinct civilisation : Atlantis' Trident Lost Treasure


                      • #12
                        That is a well constructed argument.


                        • #13
                          1. -novid in launch options
                          3. Source engine games are infamous for loading slow, not sure what they can do.
                          Last edited by fluffeeh; 01-03-2013, 10:14 AM.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by EeaZY View Post
                            Man that is the most helpful reply ever!

                            you do not need to keep -console in launch params.
                            Just enter in console "con_enable 1" and then you can delete -console and it won't open after launching dota2. Only by pressing ~