With Valve coming out with the new privacy setting effectively crippling Dotabuff, I think it's time for a discussion of stats in the world of Dota 2. Ideally, to me, the privacy setting would have 3 settings, Blocked, Friend Only, and Public. After adding those 3 privacy settings, Dota 2 should add an in-game stats page, or the API should be updated to include things like MMR, friends, and other stats. There is really no downside to this even for the anti-stats people. Valve still maintains control of all the stats either in the game client or through the API. People, like myself, who want to see my MMR and that of my friends can be happy, and those who don't want anyone to see their stats can be happy as well.

The current haphazard implementation of the API and the privacy setting as well as most crucially Valve's silence on the whole thing has only served to anger both sides and lead to a lot of raging and unhappiness. I understand this isn't much of a priority and wouldn't bring money in like hats, but at least a statement from Valve clarifying their position and future intent would go a long way towards making players happy.