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The waiting minigame

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  • The waiting minigame

    The waiting minigame, (Shopkeeper's Quiz), considers Heaven's Halberd to be made of Sange, Amulet of Evasion, and recipe, while in fact there is no recipe.

    EDIT: Same for Eye of Skadi.
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    I really like the recipe minigame. If you ask me, I would like to have minigames like this in the Learning tab.

    Other ideas for minigames:

    Use all your money - Buy any items that will enable you to use all of your unreliable gold. Player gets minus points for using reliable gold, and for having unreliable gold left.

    Shop, shop, shop - As quickly as possible, purchase the items the game tells you to purchase. Have this be relatively similar to in-game shop so you can really memorise where an item is located in a list.

    Guess the gold value of an item - choose the most valuable or least valuable item out of a few alternatives. Maybe the player shall put the items in order by value.

    Sideshop quiz - Name the items that you can buy in a secret shop or a sideshop out of the presented alternatives.

    Rubick's memory lapse - Which hero does this skill belong to? Write the name of the hero, and name the skill, and choose the correct picture of the skill.


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      Something like that would be pretty funny.
      Originally posted by daed
      This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.


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        and rewards would be nice (in items), also the game does not save your progress ?!?


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          Another problem with the system is that Power treads can only be made by belt of strengh not the other +6 stats items like you can make it in-game.


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            Originally posted by whaleye View Post
            Another problem with the system is that Power treads can only be made by belt of strengh not the other +6 stats items like you can make it in-game.
            but the picture is the treads in STR so its fine


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              This is all pretty interesting. Was going to report I noticed the Heaven's Halberd error as well. Should implementing these things really be getting in the way of the return of the Item Suggestion lists that we saved?
              I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.


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                It is not

                Shit Game.png

                VALVe fix. Make Power Treads picture be the STR treads.

                edit: well wasn't expecting the filename to carry over to here. No offense meant.


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                  Halberd's been fixed.