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[Suggestion] Waiting mini-game

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  • [Suggestion] Waiting mini-game


    I will get straight to the point. The waiting mini-game is a fantastic idea, but the game itself is not really that interesting or even challenging, except for very new players. It would be great if instead of the recipe minigame, we had a quiz based on the heroes themselves, with questions like "How much does damage % does Vengeful's aura grant at level 4?" and multiple answers. There used to be some quizes like that in a few rooms back in, and it was really interesting. It actually enhanced your game knowledge.

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    Especially since there's a mistake in the game... Heaven's Halberd is built out of Sange and a Talisman of Evasion, in the game it says Sange, Talisman of Evasion + Recipe.

    Yeah i know completly offtopic but I'd really like the idea of a deeper waiting mini-game.


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        A last-hit/deny minigame would be nice.


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          But also, adding some extra opinion on this matter. I'd highly recommend to NOT add any public High Score feature or rewards on these minigames (which i hope we can have more than one on the near future). We all saw what happened on Diretide, players exploiting the shit out of the event, killing Roshan on 1 hit, it'd be a shame to see such a nice feature turned into a competitive exploit-fest just to reach the best time.


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            I love this idea. A simply option to select beginner/advanced MINIGAME or something and then well do the game would be great.
            VALVE please make a punishment system that punishes the offenders... not the team. Also ever heard about communication? Try it. It might solve a lot of debates/questions here on the forum.


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              The drag-and-drop seems a little bugged. I would like to be able to right-click to choose the item.

              Also, as already suggested, more questions about the mechanics would be nice.


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                the mini game should be a button instead that shows after u are looking for a game,i didnt know that there was a minigame till i scrolled through the dots.


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                  I think the idea of a minigame was really good. So much fun! I would love to see more.