At the moment, when you click on the profile of a former player or just yourself...the front page will have " Featured hero, Most successful heroes 1 , 2 , 3". My suggestion is that at the moment the most successful hero icons 1 , 2 , 3 are the heroes with default costume. I think it would encourage players to get skilled with a certain hero and also to make them purchase bundles / keys to buy alternative costumes if they were to have / show the players current equipped costumes on the players most successful heroes tabs.


My most successful heroes list.

1. Meepo
2. Phantom Assassin
3. Bounty hunter

So for example, at the moment my most successful hero on tab 1 is meepo and it is only showing his default costume. From my suggestion...I suggest to have that meepo tab 1 on my profile to be wearing the "Riftshadow set" instead of its default. The same goes to other hero with full costume gears.