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  • Remove keys

    Why dont valve remove beta keys from users that intensionally ruin games for other players? Just now i played with a rikimaru who wanted to go top but me and my friend said we we're going top even during the picking stage so he plugged and left the game. Then furion didnt want to solo bottom either cause he wanted to go forest. So then he plugged also one minute after typing random shit on random chingchong language. And this isnt the first time this has happend, and it wont be the last if valve dont remove their keys and not just putting them in a leavers pool.

  • #2
    Random chingchong language?
    Sounds like your racist madbad rageface is the one that needs a ban so you cool down.
    Keys have been banned and removed before for users who get heavily negative responses, but ignorant rage posts don't make you look any better.


    • #3
      yes its a chingchong language if you dont recognise it its like saying "it looks like greece to me" and this isnt a rage post i was just wondering why they arent doing this on a larger scale since 8/10 games seems to have a leaver / flamer of some sort.
      Last edited by terrortant; 11-23-2011, 10:38 AM.


      • #4
        So what? after release, only "Pro" players should be able to buy game?
        There always will be ragequitters, laggers, leavers... etc, beta isn't just for playing, for testing survey system too, and for testing way to "block" this kind of players!


        • #5
          I would like a petition for if terrortant EVER leaves, even ONE game, his key has to be banned on the spot.

          And to be fair, since you didnt mention what heroes you two had, and assuming you were Dire, Riki probably should have been allowed top anyway.


          • #6
            Seriously? "Yes it's a chingchong language if you don't recognize it"

            My god, how incredibly ignorant.


            • #7
              God damn...


              • #8
                ROFL. This thread made me laugh so hard. How he justifies saying "random chingchong language" is the same as "it looks like greek to me," is absolutely hilarious. If not trolling then please GTFO, if you are trolling, then well played.


                • #9
                  LOLOLOLOL aint dat abit racialist. u want their keys banned cuz they is black?? wy is only the brothers that have to suffer??!?!


                  • #10
                    they do remove keys, search this forum for "Carl Sagan" and you will see proof