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(Suggestion) Ask if ready to party before Finding match.

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  • (Suggestion) Ask if ready to party before Finding match.

    Tittle says it all. I fin it really anoying that after a game with your party you dont get to choose if you are ready to START the search for a game instead of asking when its ready.

    That way it will save a lot of time to the players pre-game.

  • #2
    Obviously someone else in your party started the search again. You need to communicate with them if you are going to need some time OR just leave the party when you don't want to play anymore. One question if you are ready or not is enough (and better to have it asked directly before the game is about to start instead of the matchmaking start).
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      It does not auto search. Someone from your party started it...


      • #4
        I don't think mindfaQ or CvP get it.

        This would eliminate "player has declined the match", which is probably the only bad part about the matchmaking system right now.


        • #5
          Originally posted by Hemick View Post
          I don't think mindfaQ or CvP get it.

          This would eliminate "player has declined the match", which is probably the only bad part about the matchmaking system right now.
          I don't think that will eliminate that at all, i'm sure some people aren't ready to search for a new match right away, (but of course you should tell the party leader first if you're gonna be a bit or something, or just leave the party if you aren't, that cancels their match making).

          I think all the decline's are from people with the attitude "Eh matchmaking takes like 3 minutes, let me go take a piss, 10 seconds later, the loud sound of a game found is made, and my friends are still takin a piss. That or people just go AFK or something, people go AFK all the time, this won't fix it.


          • #6
            No, I don't think you get it either.

            Right now one member of the party queues the group for matchmaking, the game "becomes ready" and then asks you to press accept. If one player happens to be AFK for those 30 seconds when the game is ready, it autodeclines forcing 9 other players to inevitably accept again, and potentially again and again, ad infinitum.

            If players had to "ready" before matchmaking even began, they wouldn't have to "Accept" a game, the system already knows they are ready for the game and should place them in the game they are matched for without further input.

            Also, as it is configured now the matchmaking system has the potential for a party to continually queue and have games fail to start because they don't realize a member of their party is AFK.


            • #7
              Not needed since there's a ready check whether you want to start the game or not. There's also a prompting whether you want to join the party or not. People having to ready up is really annoying and it's really much more practical this way than the ready-up-to-queue-and-instant-join that you see in i.e. HoN.