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Expand the report system by allowing the option to tag comments (screenshots inside)

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  • Why we don't have this yet ?


    • Originally posted by Aikanaro View Post
      Why we don't have this yet ?
      The technology just isn't there yet.

      Valve is going to hold on to this as much as possible, and the next time there's a huge community outburst they gonna implement some modification of this suggestion, just like they did with the Lanepicker.
      "We were working on a big update for you guys!"
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      • bumping this because its awesome!


        • Bump


          • +1


            • +51515
              See u at TI7/8/9

              Also check mine suggestions


              • This is still a great idea, would love to see it implemented.


                • +1
                  Forgive Russian citizens that they spoil your game. : С ума:


                  • +1 Great yet simple concept.


                    • So many useful idiots around here.

                      Valve pitches an idea and you all jump on it just because it looks more useful than the current system and that you think it is "community-based".
                      No, that's not the way to go. Like few already said, this whole communication ban stuff needs to go away. For good. Ping and chat wheel can be limited from the get-go to prevent abuse. And if the majority of hateful, insecure, moral authorities in the game can't use a mute button, then Valve should do it for them, as in default-muted everybody.

                      When it comes to real game abuse, the current automated system only needs small tweaks: reporting can only be done at the end of the game screen.
                      First thing's first: if the game outcome is a WIN, then your report has half the weight. Debatable, I personally see it as a way to protect new or special players like the "cheesy techies".
                      Feeding heroes/couriers/bottles/salves/wards, ability abuse, afk circumvention - all these can be easily verified by the game parser. If the game log contradicts the report reason (couriers bought, number of consumables/items that end up used by the enemy team, kda, xp and networth etc), then the report will have (further) half the weight.

                      BAM! I just fixed the report system. The back-end changes required would not take an average programmer more than a week to implement.
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                      • reported to steam.png
                        This rude player attacking me all game long and the worst of all saying foul and cursed words to my mother. This player must be ban in Dota 2.

                        Look at his Steam number. Hope Valve ban this player.