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[BUG Learn Page] Doombringer and Alchemist not selectable

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  • xtrykx
    I can still confirm this...

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  • NinoDoko
    It also happens if you search for a specific hero and then delete the text, in which case some heroes remain unselectable. Basically, the whole highlight thingie is broken.

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  • Nerzyman
    It seems to be random, I tried this a few times after noticing heroes like Death Prophet weren't in the pusher and other heroes not really belogning here and there or lacking there of in a category. Every time certain heroes were unselectable. Not always the same pool of heroes.

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  • ArgyrosLio

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  • Mayheim
    This happend to me after I played around with the dropdown box. A whole bunch of heroes got unselectable.
    Why not make Hero catergory/name highlight corresponding heroes instead of disabeling all others?

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  • capteeni
    I learned about this today. The entire bottow row of all tables becomes unselectable.


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  • measer
    like ut happend to Espen, it happend to me. broodmother for example was als not clickable, i ll post a list of heroes later.

    so the list of heroes that dont work for me are:
    - Huskar
    - Alchemist
    - Dommbringer
    - Nightstalker
    - Naix
    - Spectre
    - Weaver
    - Broodmother
    - Furion
    - Jakiro
    - Chen
    - Dark Seer
    - Batrider
    - Ancient Apparition

    this still remains even if you filter them from the drop down menu.

    second point: when a filter is active, normally excluded heroes should be grey (right?). but on some heroes it appears to me just the button function is disabled, they still look coloured (e.g. Omniknight when "carry" is selcted (or is he now a carry =D))

    best regards
    Last edited by measer; 12-02-2011, 04:16 PM. Reason: results

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  • muxen
    It happens when you select something in dropdown list and then switch back to "All Heroes".

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  • Porre
    Originally posted by zimtstern475 View Post
    Problem still exists, even in "Pusher" and "Supporter" category.

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  • zimtstern475
    Problem still exists, even in "Pusher" and "Supporter" category.

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  • Espen
    The same thing happened to me, but with even more heroes. All of the heroes that are not selectable are on the two lowest lines for every different type of attribute.

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  • [BUG Learn Page] Doombringer and Alchemist not selectable

    Hi guys,
    in Learn Page, Doombringer and Alchemist are not selectable if you change category from "All Heroes" to "Ganker", "Carry" and "Initiator" where they obviously shouldn't be selectable except in "Carry" selection.
    Last edited by zimtstern475; 12-02-2011, 12:27 PM.