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Post-death 'analysis' screen.

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  • Post-death 'analysis' screen.

    Let me preface this by saying that, yes, this idea is straight out of League of Legends, and no, it shouldn't directly affect balance or gameplay at all.

    With that out of the way, I thought it'd be neat if there were an optional pop-up screen to detail the sources of damage you've taken after you die.
    I think this would be helpful for a lot of newer players by giving them the option to read up on what exactly killed them so they can learn to avoid it right away.

    An example of how this would work:

    You're playing Drow Ranger with exactly 1k HP, and you die to a Bloodseeker.

    The pop-up after your death would show something like this (Numbers are obviously simplified for the sake of the example):

    - Rupture (Bloodseeker): 640 Pure Damage (64%)
    - Auto-attack (Bloodseeker): 230 Physical Damage (23%)
    - Bloodrage (Bloodseeker): 100 Magic Damage (10%)
    - Auto-attack (Melee Creep): 30 Physical Damage (3%)

    With the added option of mousing over the skills to see their description, so a player who dies to Rupture can immediately learn that it does damage based on the distance moved, instead of having to wait until after the game.

    Thoughts on this?

  • #2
    This would be pretty useful for new and experienced players alike, I see nothing wrong with it.


    • #3
      a player who dies to rupture can target bloodseeker at any time and read his abilities or quickly read his skills under the learn tab while he's dead

      but i'm indifferent to this. kind of useless flair in my eyes (much like post-game stats like 'creeps killed, hero damage' and so forth) since it's pretty obvious what you're dying to in dota 2 unless you're playing while being absolutely oblivious to things around.


      • #4

        Even though I never find enough time to actually study the post death pane in LOL, because the action is most often still going on, it is a nice touch.


        • #5
          A nice on the side thing to work on. Not high priority but anything that helps improve the player without being obtrusive or affecting the gameplay is a good thing. Just make it an option you can turn on or off permanently in the settings. Have it on as default when you first start out.