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Thoughts on the in-game UI

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  • Thoughts on the in-game UI

    I just started the Dota 2 beta a couple days ago and have a few comments to make; I'm sure I'm not the first to have observed some of these things. Just a couple of IMHOs about the in-game UI.

    The HUD wastes a lot of space. Moreover, it wastes lot of space that I want to be able to click and move my champion on. The playable field has a very narrow feeling to it, and it definitely doesn't have to be that way.
    • One big problem is the top bar--an opaque, clunky thing that eats unnecessarily into the amount of field I have to view and move around. At the very least, it should be cut up so players can click around the constituent elements; personally, I'd rather it not be there at all. Most of that information can be conveyed elsewhere and does not need to be constantly visible.
    • The clock with day/night status could easily be shrunk and placed in the (also oversized) bottom bar next to the minimap--there are already some big, big, big empty grey squares there. It could even go in a little bubble over the minimap with a tiny sun or moon next to it. Alternatively, it could be made translucent and allow players to see/act on what's beneath it.
    • The allied hero portraits should be moved away from the top center of the screen; top left corner or along the right/left edge (left for radiant, right for dire ideally) would be a better place. Additionally, the're not really very useful--they have a death timer, which is cool, I guess, but they should convey a little bit more about allied status to be really useful features.
    • Enemy portraits are really much less necessary to have constantly visible and serve no real purpose to have obstructing usable field space; create a toggle menu for those and kill stats.
    • The bottom bar with stats and skills is somehow at once too large and too cramped. It should be flatter and wider (again, lots of grey space on the sides to work with), with smaller skill buttons (those little yellow ticks are not particularly useful either). The menu buttons currently in the top left can be moved to the top right or into some of the wasted space of the bottom bar.

    I think improvements like these, aimed with maximizing the usable/viewable field space and reducing the encroachment of the UI on the general game could easily provide 10-20% more screen space, which would be a massive improvement over what presently feels like a tiny strip of usable action area. Even just setting that top bar to a toggle key would be a super improvement.

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    I just want an option to scale down the UI, a remade optimized ui would be great, but for the time being I would really like to just be able to scale it way down


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      i support a option to scale down the UI. It adds another level of customizing without changeing too much.
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        I think the its intended because they want to give you THAT vision and no more then that. Otherwise would be very easy to don't get caught on ganks etc.

        In war3 you have a lot of space "lost" for the HUDS as well.

        Because if they wanted to give you more vision of the map they would allow us to zoom out and problem solved.

        Read this post and you will find people discussing the zoom issue.