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Identifying different Meepoes

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  • Identifying different Meepoes

    Suggestion: Meepo's clones have something that identifies them on the field. Ie. One big number showing which meepo clone it is, or which hotkey it is assigned to.

    Reason being that, as a former RTS player, I find that I can't identify which meepo is low on health/getting aimed based on my hotkey alone. Most of the time, I have to quickly shift through all the hotkeys to quickly find which one is under attack/dieing. I find this very unnecessary as it increases the amount of mistakes a player can do while playing Meepo. I want to be able to just identify my Meepo just by looking at the fight.

    Meepo's poof already confuses me enough as to which Meepo is to which hotkey.

    The problem with looking at the top left corner where all the Meepos are is that you have to take your eye off the fight, and just sometimes a player cannot afford that. You can easily miss seeing a stun animation coming out of someone when just shifting your attention for just that one second.

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    Do you think it should be only visible to the meepo player or also to the allies/enemies?
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    • #3
      It should just be visible to the meepo player, as there doesn't seem to me for any reason for allies or enemies to know which meepo is which.


      • #4
        Originally posted by hunk View Post
        It should just be visible to the meepo player, as there doesn't seem to me for any reason for allies or enemies to know which meepo is which.
        clones are easier to kill assuming meepo has more than just treads. So enemies would want to know.


        • #5
          I AGREE!

          Meepo is already hard to control properly because you have to consider 4 heroes. Especially because you can't immediately see which of the Meepos is under threat. This is a small, but necessary, change that would make Meepo a tiny bit more managable. I don't see a reason why the enemies wouldn't be allowed to see the slight difference.

          Maybe they could have different backpacks or different hats? Maybe same backpack, but a different object sticking out? LIke main Meepo could have a lantern, another a shovel, and another a pickaxe, etc...

          Doesn't affect the gameplay at all... just pure convinience


          • #6
            open up the cosmetic item selection to all 5 meepos

            problem solved in a stylish and classy way