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Kaolin Earth Spirit UI

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  • Unfawkable
    Just making his skills to prioritize stones to other units would be enough.

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  • Milktea
    I'd also like to suggest a feature that helps targeting the remnants due to that you have to click really close to the remnants or on it to target it, if your in a fight and you have a remnant on a hero/creep you can accidentally target them which ruins your combo/plan. A feature that targets the closest remnants will surely help Earth Spirits game play.

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  • PlausibleSarge
    just an FYI, when you have no charges, the time to the next charge is shown on the ability itself (cooldown) rather than as a buff icon

    He still needs a visage-style stone meter though. Ember needs the same thing to.

    Also, it would be useful to play a global range sound (only hearable by the relevant player) when a stone or fire remnant disappears, as sometimes its possible to get into a fight and try to remnant away, only to realise it disappeared 5 seconds ago

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  • ned_ballad
    To add to this I'd love a voice line for placing stones when you try and add one when he doesn't have one. "Not enough stones!" "No more remnants to summon, arg" "Where is my army!?" or whatever, because I've found so many times in a fight I'd lose track of my stone count and go to pull off a combo and end up pulling my ally or something because I didn't hear the cooldown warning.

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  • anytime
    started a topic Kaolin Earth Spirit UI

    Kaolin Earth Spirit UI

    Ok a few suggestions for this hero to make him a bit more ... easier to play without changing any of his skills:

    - Ultimate pulses should be visible above the hero affected for Kaolin. This will improve the play with refreshing the ult with his Stone Remnants. In the middle of a fight rarely do you have time to check the number of pulses remaining on enemy heroes. It could look something like Batrider stack numbers or Visage Soul Assumption meter. This will help people that want to do the MAX amount of damage.

    - Stone Remnant refresh time should be shown even if we have no more remaining Stone Remnant charges in order for us to know WHEN will we be getting a fresh charge so we can plan our actions. Kaolin is ... very dependent on positioning and his cooldowns and this information should not be hidden from the player.

    Uh .... that's about it I will be without internet for a while so I expect this to be implemented when I get back together with the matchmaking fix