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[Suggestion] General visibility / contrast of HUD items

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  • [Suggestion] General visibility / contrast of HUD items

    I had my first hours of DOTA2 yesterday and loved it. Nethertheless IMHO there could be some enhancements to the HUD (1280x800 on a 24 inches monitor):

    - took me 5min to find my gold value. While the button has SHOP all over it the actual gold value is hard to read. This should be bigger / better contrast so you get it with a short glance.
    (just watch some non-HD youtube videos where the HUD is shown and try to figure out what the gold value reads. For such an important information it is too hard to read)
    - Hero level. Again, for my taste this is too small and the positioning is somewhat off at the bottom of the character. Move it to the top of the portrait and don't use the yellowish / golden ball as a background.
    - Mana and health bars. Can these be turned off somewhere / or just turned off for creeps or reverted to the "show-with-alt-behavior"? For me they are annoying (especially in team fights) and they prevent
    deeper immersion into the game.
    - Minimap: Although I see how it may seem appealing to be able to distinguish each enemy on the minimap as a different colored cross, I think this is too much. Just mark all heroes with a dot and show all enemies in one color, allies in another. Again, this is information to take in a quick glance and the map gets really messy when there are a few people around.
    - Name and level of enemy heroes is hard to read. When you select them this should be enlarged. Would also help new players to get familiar with the models. Or just make it audible: You select an enemy and it tells you: "Enemy Pudge, Level 6"
    - The stats button needs some rework. Put information about movespeed / damage / armor on the portrait. A lot of unused space there. Show basic stats (strength / agility / intelligence) on the stat button and make it the same size and design as the abilities).

    These are just suggestions based on my first few matches. My view may change with more playing.

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    +1 give the color for healtbar so i can see easily what hero is dying