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Alt click on hp bar and buffs

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  • Alt click on hp bar and buffs

    Idea is that when you do it on the chat shows up info about you current hp and mana. Similar to those information with skills which I suggested before and items info which was added a little while ago.

    Info suggestion:
    • 200 HP 20%

    • 50 MP 14%

    Percentage would be helpful because showing in current/max format would be longer and less clear (but maybe it should be even current/max X% HP? who knows). It could be helpful to deny calls, mek and other healing or protective skill.

    Other thing that we could alt click is passives and debuffs above the hp bar. It would be especially helpful with Doom for example.

    Info suggestion:
    • I have *SPELLNAME* on me for X more seconds - helpful for deny calls while doomed or when you got few shadow demon stack and you are about to die and you have someone with eul
    • I have *AURANAME* - You could remind players about the lifesteal or for exmaple OD aura so you can be sure they will stay with you when you get you life or mana back (you can do it with item or skill alt click already but only when you are playing as those heroes who have them).
    • I have *BUFFNAME* for X more seconds - helpful when you want to remind teammates that your buff is fading away and you want it to be recasted on you. Or when you want to remind that you have dd or haste rune and so on.

    Also suggestion to "has returned" message. Instead of doing alt + ctrl + mouse1 maybe just alt + mouse2?

    Alt clicking on our gold could give this info:
    • I have X gold, what I should buy? - when no item in quick buy
    • I need X more gold to buy *name of the item in quick buy*

    • I have my buyback ready
    • I need X more gold to get my buyback
    • My buyback is on cooldown for X more seconds

    Alt clicking on the items on quick buy would write this:
    • I'm going to buy *name of the item in quick buy* - it will tell name of the entire item, not just piece of it
    • I need X more gold to finish my *item in quick buy* - when no money

    • Should I buy *item name* ?

    Alt clicking on the shop icon would write this:
    • I'm going to the base

    • I'm going to the secret shop

    Alt clicking on XP would show this:
    • I need X more XP to get to X level
    • I have finished farming - when on level 25

    • Please let me farm

    Alt clicking on timer would write this:
    • *Current time*

    • *Current daytime* - it will tell if there is night or day

    Alt clicking on Glyph of Fortification would write this:
    • Glyph of Fortification is on cooldown for X more seconds - only when on cooldown

    • Do not use Glyph of Fortification yet - mouse2 because we don't want people accidentally use glyph

    Alt clicking on the courier icon would write this:
    • Please let me use the courier

    • Reuse the courier - it would also ping the courier on the map

    Alt clicking on the teleporter icon would write this:
    • Buy the Teleporter Scroll

    • My Teleporter Scroll is ready - when we have tp and we are ready to use
    • I don't have mana for Teleporter scroll - when we have in inventory but no mana
    • My Teleporter Scroll is on cooldown - wtf you could ask we already can write this, yes but only when you have tp in inventory
    • I don't have money for Teleporter scroll

    Other suggestions:
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    Added more uses for alt + mouse click.


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      Best Christmas update ;_;