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Creep score ingame

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  • Creep score ingame

    Wondering, would it be possible to have access to the creep score while in a game(not as a spec)? Not necessarily enemy CS, this could stay hidden but sometimes I'd like to know how other lanes are doing besides guessing off their items, like if our carry if farming well and so on. Could be tied to normal score board.

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    there should be a customizable miniature version of the score tab, for example like Pyros said if you want to look at the cs of other lanes you could click on an icon to show

    " Player 1 : 23/3
    Player 2 : 4/0
    Player 3 : 40/3
    Player 4 : 15/2
    Player 5 : 60/10 "

    What could happen when you click on this tab is the bar with the 10 heroes and the clock would be moved towards the left and the desired information would be displayed on the right next to your own K/D/A. The 10 heroes and the clock would be compressed to make space for more info. In my opinion, clicking on the current score tab is like clicking on allied hero to check mana in dota 1. It should always be available. Maybe there could also be a choice to show the enemy team's score instead of our allies' info. It could be useful for the guy in a team who always leads ganks to check their scores to be reminded who needs to get ganked and who doesn't anymore and so on.

    You can see in the following screen that there is plenty of space for more information.
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      I prefer keeping this private since it may cause massive flames sometimes.


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        well still its some information which is important. if you see a carry lacking farm you can decide to gank that lane frequently so he gets more. like now you always have to ask about lasthits and if ppl lie to you noone has won anything because it could cost you the game.


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          Originally posted by Nero View Post
          I prefer keeping this private since it may cause massive flames sometimes.
          That's a valid concern, but tbh it's gonna happen when your spectre has red boots and a TP scroll at 30mins, even if you can't see his actual CS. I'd go as far as showing the enemy CS as well since that's one thing I liked about lol, being able to tell when you're trashing your opponent in lane, but I'd settle for only ally CS. I'd also be fine not having it, it's just one thing I seem to always try to check while playing then I'm like "oh right, can't", so figured I'd suggest it.


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            Even when the flaming owing to poor CS is certainly a possibility, I believe there's no real sense in hiding it if we are displaying our teammates' gold anyways.

            So you might not see the actual number, but you can pretty much tell your carry doesn't have a good CS when you see he/she has 700 gold and only boots and brances at the 15 minute mark.
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