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HUD mock up - Removed wasted space + optimized for widescreen

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  • HUD mock up - Removed wasted space + optimized for widescreen

    After playing a few games the HUD is my biggest complain about the game. My monitor is fairly small (by today's standards), it's a 19" monitor with a 1440x900 resolution and the hud is just too big and is taking so much vertical space that it's more of a hindrance than help. The Warcraft 3 hud was fine back in the day because all monitors were 4:3 but for some reason valve thought the old HUD is going to work on widescreen monitors that are naturally vertically limited. Right now 16:9 users have an advantage over 16:10 and 4:3 users. Here's a screenshot of the game with the classic hud:

    and here's my quick HUD mock up:

    As you can see, i've removed all the gray spaces that are just taking up space and basically moved everything to the sides and made other stuff slightly smaller (I KNOW HOW MY HERO LOOKS LIKE, THANK YOU). Also, added health and mana bars to the teammates' icons.

    and here's a gif for comparison:

    gif comparison

    Valve doesn't have to force this down everybody's throat. They can make it an option similar to tf2's mini HUD; warcraft mode or minimalistic. Alternatively, they can make everything optional; option to remove gray bars, HUD scaling, and moving the top bar to the sides. In addition, having the option to swap the map and items box would be great. Reasoning behind it is that the radiant side retreats to the lower left side and the bottom left to top right diagonal line is used more often than the lower right corner, if that makes sense.


    I also posted this on reddit and here is another suggestion:

    (suggestion from MrTallgeese on reddit)


    New suggestions from BenSkysong:

    Originally posted by BenSkysong View Post
    This is really good! Can you make a mock-up of the clock remained in the top-middle?
    I think it's easier to see the clock in the middle as most of us are used to it. The rest are great!
    Especially the heroes icon at the bottom. Really saved up a lot of space and more room for view.


    Here's another one to address my friend's main problem with the hud who's transitioning over to dota2 from *Gasp* LoL:

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  • #2
    there has been a few threads about this already.

    but all in all, i think valve isn't that stupid to keep a hud that looks like from a year 1999. at least i would hope so...

    oh and btw, your pics look good.


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      Just wanted to contribute that the HUD for playing and the HUD for casters and replays are my biggest complaints so far in playing the game.
      So much information is left out and so much takes up a gratuitous amount of screen size.


      • #4
        If we could zoom out a little more, all the problems you described would be solved.


        • #5
          Originally posted by VenomBHz View Post
          If we could zoom out a little more, all the problems you described would be solved.
          I'm sorry but that's not a real solution. That's like changing the question itself instead of answering it. The UI is clunky and super inefficient.


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            Thumbs up


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              There are really good suggestions about the HUD here, I like this more than the current one!


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                gj man!


                • #9
                  Second one is the one I want. Simple but elegant! T-UP!
                  Winter solstice.
                  Originally posted by uebok
                  Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.


                  • #10
                    The second one is really good. T-Up.


                    • #11
                      This would be awesome


                      • #12
                        i'd love if ur ideas were implemented. The current hud is far to inefficient


                        • #13

                          Just get rid of the right hand space and center the rest because that space useless for dota2. (In HoN it's useful for other stuff that isn't showing atm) Could use some sprucing up as well as some windows and stuff are off, but functionality for this UI is great.
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                          • #14
                            this is awesome. i would agree that the UI is currently the worst/sluggish thing about the game.


                            • #15
                              T-UP UI must be reworked but after implementing all others heroes
                              Last edited by NXTk; 12-29-2011, 03:24 AM.