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Use of cursor slow/clumpsy

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  • Use of cursor slow/clumpsy

    I belive that the cursor is very slow and clumpsy to use. For example, i can stand 5 second just to seperate Hawk from Pig and Rexxar when i spawn them.

    When i played Broodmother its just very hard to group your spiderlings properly and move them smooth. When i ...whats the word... "ring in" units/choose several units with cursor, it just doesnt work sometimes, it skips, or marks the wrong ones, not accurate at all!

    All my years of DotA i didnt experience this.

  • #2
    ya selecting units in dota 2 is fully wack. i cant put my finger on why but it feels very slippery. not even close to warcraft status


    • #3
      It's because of the hitboxes of units and trees which are way bigger then supposed to be, this causes objects to block your abilitie to select an object behind it.


      • #4
        Oh theres an explanation, i prayed i wasnt alone! I really hope they fix this..


        • #5
          So over a month after, its exactly the same. Units dont get selected that i ring in with marker, very hard to click the units you want. Using Chen is a nightmare. The chicken follows you sometimes, hard to ring in chicken when on a cliff and the flying chicken is above you, far up on the screen.

          Cant believe i microed 10 fiends plus 2 heroes in Wc3 back in the days.

          But its because its broken in Dota2, which makes me sad


          • #6
            Half a year later i still have the same problem!

            Is it my settings or something? I played Furion and half of the times all my units is ringed in instead of just the hero.

            I swear i ring in only the hero/only the treants, but everything gets ringed in anyway.

            Weirds so few experience this.


            • #7
              +1 unit selection is still rough


              • #8
                Thanks, i got one supporter

                Its not only that it doesnt ring in units, the hero walks up to creeps you attackmove on, because the hitboxes is still bad. I press on the creep but the hero walks to one of my treants that is above the creep.
                Who wants to attack move an enemy on the feets?