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Dead hero

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  • Dead hero

    Cordimix posted an awesome suggestion on the playdota forums.

    If a hero is dead, it would be awesome if his abilities/avatar get greyed out.

    This is an example picture he provided, in my opinion that would be an awesome idea. ;o
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  • #2
    Nice idea, i quite like that


    • #3
      I support this idea.

      We can also gray the portrait on top.


      • #4
        +1. Also saw this on PD
        Aka NamDohtem on
        Danish DOTA2 Steam Community


        • #5
          I like it


          • #6
            Originally posted by Cordimix
            If you have problems loading the images tell me so I can upload on more hosts.

            Wouldn't it make sense to...

            Gray out a hero avatar while he is dead?


            normal abilities

            grayed out abilities

            Although it's an old formula it works and shouldn't be overlooked.
            Maybe stopping the hero avatar animation at the same time?

            Have symbols instead of full names for buttons with more letters like "Space"?




            Make something of higher interest stand out more then something less important?



            Have more red in Morphling icon ability: "morph strenght"?



            Diferentiate between picked and available heroes?




            Have some funny lines when a hero picks up the Roshan cheese?

            Axe: Eating cheese is what separates real men from the pewny boys.
            Lina: Ewwwww.....It stinks. I hope you don't want me to eat that.
            Witch Doctor: Yum, yum, yum, nothing like a good old cheese.
            Pudge: Ha, ha, ha....Twice the stink power.
            Crystal Maiden: Hmm, I wonder if my sister would eat that.
            Sven: Only if God commands it.
            Tinker:Hmm...I wonder if i can make this into a stink bomb.
            EarthShaker: Ancient...
            Pugna: One good thing about beeing dead.No nose.
            Windrunner: Let's tie this up to an arrow and shoot it at the enemys.
            Dwarven Sniper: Mmmm... My mama used to make it this smelly.
            Leshrac: More torment....
            He added more suggestions to the HUD


            • #7
              It's funny , sometimes I'm dead and I don't even notice since the HP/Mana bars are still full. Bad play on my part I guess, but ya it'd be nice if it's more apparent when you've died.


              • #8
                well, sometimes I' NOT dead and I think I am because in the melee I didnt understand shit and my hero is no longer on the screen at the end of the fight because I moved the camera a bit or because he chased somewhere else, this would prevent it