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"LEVEL UP" button has gotten me killed 5 times!

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    Not being able to use any ability that is at full level and getting a "Ability is already at max level" error makes me mad sometimes. Real mad.
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      haha, that happens to me sometimes when I'm controlling extra units, like illusions or charmed beasts by holding down crtl+right clicking. It's annoying to have to lift up ctrl when you still want to control those troops without using groups, but something I am trying to do. Keeping ctrl down and hitting q w e r thinks you're trying to level up when you really want to cast.
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          Another problem encountered just now... In the middle of hot battle, they are dying and I just need to use skill to kill them, and....
          wtf!! cant use!!!! some words keep popping up... Im not silenced or not enough mana. I believe it should say something like "already max level" since I leveled up in the battle..
          so I cant click it.... wtf ==" I donou how I click the level up


          • #50
            It is an issue. Happens sometimes with me. Specially if you are avoiding aimers as Radiant and have your hero at the bottom of the screen and have to dance. (Missclicking the minimap is already a pain, we just got another HUD element getting the middle of action space)
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              yeah the leveling is a bit annoying ... the differences between the level up display and the just skills display are not clear enough .... and also it doesnt make it clear on what spells you are allowed to upgrade or not (like in dota in WC3 it would grey out what was already at it's maximum for it's level) .... no indicator at all for this kind of stuff.

              it's not the biggest problem for experienced players .... but i can see new ppl seeing it and just giving up at figuring out what is going on.
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                FIX TEAM MATCHMAKING


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                  ...Just the other day I almost died a 10th time, but now my brain is beginning to recognize when this problem is afflicting me. And for the first time ever [in a battle] I was able to prevent it from killing me.

                  Sadly, I still have no clue how this keeps occurring. 80% of the time it seems to occur during a battle (just as I level up). I swear I never see it coming, nor see its cause - am I accidentally clicking the LVL UP button? - I have no idea
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                    gotten me killed a few times just in the past 2 days because I couldn't use an ability in the middle of a big teamfight. SUPER frustrating!


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                      If I may suggest a change, would it be good to move the level up button down so it partially covers the hero portrait screen, as such:


                      (I hope people understood that)
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                      • #56
                        Only one solution take out the level up button! no skills for anyone


                        • #57
                          I have gotten killed once as well because of that.
                          The hud is really bad atm, taking up too much of the screen space.


                          • #58
                            EDIT: April 29th, it's been a long time since the button has gotten me killed, I think whatever was causing it has since been fixed, or I'm just subliminally aware of how to prevent it; nevertheless I think it's a problem of the past, and with the introduction of the new HUD, I think this topic has served its purpose.