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Shadow Fiend, Y U NO COOL!? -Insert internet meme-

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  • #16
    Yes, it would be a nice change, but I'm not sure its at the top of valves list though.


    • #17
      He really needs those things fixed: walking anims, casting anims, also ultimate and shadowraze colours/effects.

      Attack anim is fine IMO, and I really like his voiceover


      • #18
        Nevermore is the Grim Reaper. I love him, those wings sure are cool as sheez


        • #19
          he walks the same as he does in Wc3 Idk what you guys are talking about...
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          • #20
            Sure, that'd be a nice thing to change about SF but I'd much rather change his attack projectile. I mean, he's supposed to be a shadowy/dark ghostlike guy that steals souls. Right now he throws red balls at his enemies.

            But yea, he should be made more awesome. I'd figure it's way down the line tho.


            • #21
              terrible port, I agree with OP. Everything about d2 sf makes me not want to ever play him


              • #22
                Originally posted by DBX_5 View Post
                he walks the same as he does in Wc3 Idk what you guys are talking about...
                seriously. lol. i'm sure valve knows which feedback to listen to and which to ignore so i wouldn't worry about it.


                • #23
                  his ulti is win right now, his other skills are good, but i think they could get better, his arms are so bad my grandmother can arm wrestle him to death.
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