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Top HUD blocking right-clicks

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  • Top HUD blocking right-clicks

    The top HUD bar is blocking right-clicks just below the hero portraits (where the death timers are) and the day/night timer. This is very annoying because movement commands do not get registered where they should. Left clicking does work and will in fact select the hero portrait that is above it. Therefore it seems that the graphics of the top HUD bar are smaller then it actually is. I've drawn with a red line wich areas do not work with right clicking:
    Dota 2 cursor line.jpg

    - Start a game
    - right click just below a hero portrait of the top HUD bar, where the death timer is when the hero is death (note: it only works when the hero slots are taken, so if you start a practice match alone it will only occur under your portrait), or right click just below the day/night timer. You will see your hero does not respond to your movement command.
    - left-click just below a hero portrait and you will see you select the hero that is above your cursor in the top HUD.

    Possible fix:
    Make the graphics of the HUD the same size as it actually is. When clicking on a death timer it should still register the command, so make it purely a graphic and not something you can click on.

  • #2
    Noone else having this problem?


    • #3
      I haven't noticed that problem because to be honest i never right click there and whenever my mouse is up there, it's to move the camera up BUT that being said, the whole HUD is garbage and needs to be rebuilt from scratch.


      • #4
        I have this problem all the time. Ive already made a thread on it as well.


        • #5
          Originally posted by aydin690 View Post
          I haven't noticed that problem because to be honest i never right click there and whenever my mouse is up there, it's to move the camera up BUT that being said, the whole HUD is garbage and needs to be rebuilt from scratch.
          Agreed, that will probably also solve this problem.


          • #6
            I've had this problem as well.


            • #7
              Everyone agrees the HUD needs work, it won't be long now...


              • #8
                yea, it bothers me too when trying to scape and fast rightclicking, i just click HUDs grey frame and character will just turn and start auto attacking just to die horribly.


                • #9
                  yea this is probably the most frustrating thing i've seen so far, when i'm trying to pull the creep wave off hero's or move the lane back or go to dive on a hero and then move back and i'm on the dire side of the map and i click the top i keep diving in and usually get low hp or die because it's not registering my right clicks, I can't attack+move because that would defeat the purpose I would run back in anyway. lol Please make it graphical only. The same thing occurs on the bottom of the screen gui as well, in between the mini map and the spells along with anywhere there is something non clickable