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Hp and mana bars

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  • Hp and mana bars

    Not sure if this is the right forum but i thought it would be like to share with you guys.

    So i've been thinking of having hp and mp bar below ally hero portraits.. This would be so useful for checking their hp/mp without having to look on minimap for them. Could be option to enable and disable it. Also when hero dies, it shows death timer instead of hp&mp bar..

    What do you guys think?

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      Also would be cool to view items of heroes when u hover on their portrait!


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        thumbs up of course...


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          If remaking the hero frames, might as well suggest adding cooldown tracking for every spell not just the ultimate(either by dots like it is currently, or mini icons on the side even though that'd get messy with some heroes like SF). Only for allies obviously, but lets you tell if your ally has stun without having to click on him for a gank and so on.


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            I think seeing cooldowns and already upped skills would be nice too
            I like knowing when a Rhasta did not level his hold 1st level if I want to try and kill someone


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              I miss being able to see my entire teams item information like in dota 1 with -ii


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                  Also maybe add some dots as spells as someone suggested here.. Dots would be white and taking one third of portrait (starting from bottom)..

                  That would mean he got skilled first spell level2, second lvl3, third lvl1, ultimate 2..


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                    agree to all except seeing heroes' items when scrolled over. you can just click on their hero and see. scrolling over and popping up a window would be distractive and mess you up in a battle.


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                      As an option, yes to show hp and mana.


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                        It's a must in a game like Dota, call me a casual or just lazy, but I think the constant "damn, I have to check on my team mate just to see if he's doing okay" doesn't fit that well in Dota. You always have your own stuff to mind, sure checking on them is multitasking and it may seem like Dota is all about it, but I think that it doesn't make sense that you have to constantly move your camera on a unit that isn't even under your control or anything. The game is not Starcraft, it's not about crazy apm and multitasking, it's about team work, strategy, positioning and just doing your job.
                        In my opinion, hp bars under team portraits would improve things that matter, you see that someone is in trouble, you help him out if you can, you don't "oh sorry, I was last hitting this creep and didn't check on you while you were getting raped even though I could tp and save you if I knew what's up, oops". Sure things like that can be prevented with a proper communication, but do we always have it?

                        +1 for the idea.
                        [Suggestion] Hide creeps and neutrals health bars when they're full (screenshots included)