I really enjoyed you realising invoker this soon, cause i just got my dota 2 key, and i was expecting invoker since the realease of dota 2.
I guess everyone who plays invoker on dota 1 misses the lagacy keys for invoker, like each skill with it's only hotkey. As invoker is my favorite AND MAIN hero i could never ignore it, I really think this new kind of playing invoker is so much worse. i really hope you consider my complaning.

WWE - ( z) - Alacrity
WWQ - -( x )-Tornado
WWW- ( c )-EMP
QQW - ( v )- Ghost Walk
QWE - ( b )- Deafining Blast
EEW - ( d )- Chaos Meteor
QQE - ( f )- Forge Spirit
QQE - ( g )- Ice Wall
EEE - ( t )- Sun Strike
QQQ -( y )- Cold Snap

and by the way...

DOTA 2 IS AWSOME ! you are doing really great work, i hope you finish this beta phase soon, cause i really think everyone wants to play, Even if they have to pay for it.