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[Suggestion] Fix issues with Troll Shaman's Heal ability (relevant for Doom and Chen)

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  • [Suggestion] Fix issues with Troll Shaman's Heal ability (relevant for Doom and Chen)

    Last time I checked (I was using Doombringer, maybe it works different for dominated/persuaded creep, haven't tested that), that ability had no autocast option whatsoever, and it's pretty hard to make this spell work with intended effectiveness even by spamming self-cast (misperformed doubletaps can reduce casting rate by half sometimes), not to be said about healing others.

    I suggest the following:

    - Enable toggleable autocast
    - Casting Heal on a target forces unit to spam this spell on a chosen target every CD until it reiceves another order;
    - If autocast is enabled, unit will spam this spell on a [most injured/attacked/your pick] nearby allied hero;
    - If unit recieves right-click order on allied unit when Heal is on autocast, it will spam this spell on a chosen target every CD until it reiceves another order.

    Because, let's face it, this spell is unuseable in DotA2 right now.
    Last edited by Barrogh; 01-26-2012, 01:52 AM.

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    Sorry for bumping this and double posting, but I would like to ask a question on this topic, and it seems that it belongs to this very section, so I won't create just another thread.

    Most of you probably noticed that when Troll High Priest himself spams his spell, it doesn't interfere with his attacks and movement whatsoever. If you convert him as Chen, you'll see that creep will do the same - he'll spam spell regardless of the order you gave him (on the move, during attacks etc.). Still there's no toggleable autocast.

    My question is, will Doom's version of this spell have the same autocasting mechanism (without interfering with whatever you do) as Creep's version?

    Regardless, my suggestion for Doom's version and toggleable autocast stays. Current mechanics for Chen is fine as it is.


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      this could be changed in DotA so this really belongs on playdota =/


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        Originally posted by vladhood View Post
        this could be changed in DotA so this really belongs on playdota =/
        Well, in DotA1 it already has toggleable autocast DotA2 lacks (works for both: creep itself and Doom). Besides, in DotA1 Heal has casting time (casting animation with non-zero casting point) while in DotA2 Troll High Priest has none and can cast it literally on the run or while attacking (Doom can't though, he must perform casting animation, though its backswing can be cancelled as normal; no autocast for him at all).


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          Bump, I was about to post a thread about this. Troll Shaman heal is crucial part on Doom early game and should be fixed to be as equal to DotA 1