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[Suggestion] Display hero names above heroes instead of player names

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  • [Suggestion] Display hero names above heroes instead of player names

    Is it possible to add this? I have severe Dysnomia, which is a disability that means I have massive issues remembering names.
    In a game like this where there are many many playable characters I find it incredibly hard to remember which hero is called what. This makes teamplay as well as actually learning the game harder. For example say I see a hero running past me I can't say "the watery one is going for a rune" because my friends won't have a clue what I'm talking about. I can tell them what player just went past but that doesn't help them either. Instead there should be an option to display the heroes name above his head. I know you can find it out by mousing over them but that's not as fast or as simple as seeing it at a glance.

    I know I'm a niche case (though many people do suffer from mild dysnomia) but I think it would also be helpful to newer players at identifying the many heroes, and allowing them to associate the names with their looks.
    Any thoughts?

  • #2
    +1, sounds nice.

    Even for people not affected by this, in many games it's just easier to say: "Tide, come gank", than "21321!sqewq_!4%^^, come gank". Maybe add the hero name just below the player name?


    • #3
      Would help newer players for sure. DK and Silencer for ex.


      • #4
        It would have helpful uses beyond cases of Dysnomia, like helping newer players associate names faster. I can't tell you how many times, even going back to DotA 1 and LoL, I've been trying to help a friend learn the game and they have to tell me "the blue one with the sword" or something equally vague. It could argued that you could just call out the player color but not everyone can/does memorize those, and those fractions of a second spent glancing up at the top of the screen to see who is what color could be costly.


        • #5
          I don't mind this, I think an option, like check marks - display hero name/display player name or both.


          • #6
            Good idea, would help newer players as well as those who have come from other moba type games. I have a friend who plays HoN, and although some heroes are the same across the games, he says tb instead of zeus for instance. Having the hero name clearly visible will help such players to become accustomed to their original, dota names.

            I still think this option would need an option to be disabled, as most experienced players wont need it.


            • #7
              Nice idea, total support.
              Maybe they could create an opition that you would be able to chose if you wanted your name to appear, the hero name or both.


              • #8

                hurray for a suggestion that is actually nice

                even better, as has been said, is to have the choice on what you want to see.


                • #9
                  Glad to see everyone is finding this idea universally positive. Thanks!


                  • #10
                    Good idea is good. T- up


                    • #11
                      Nice! +1


                      • #12
                        I'm not new at Dota, but it's still kinda hard for me to recognise some would help A LOT to newer players.


                        • #13
                          +1 support
                          All hail St. Regina!


                          • #14

                            Good Idea. There should be an Option to Turn on Only Player Name, Only Hero Name or Both of them together in Options!!