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Let us hit the hotkey twice.

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  • Let us hit the hotkey twice.

    Currently, playing heroes like Puck is a complete disaster because the "fifth and sixth" skill hotkeys are awful. In order to use illusory orb and then ethereal jaunt, you have to have a completely seperate hotkey to do that.

    I think that's ridiculous; some hotkey configurations on the keyboard would be amazing (WERF, WERT, QWER) if not ruined by needing to have two whole extra hotkeys for no reason.

    My suggestion: PLEASE let us hit the hotkey twice to become the orb, and for similiar skills. Perhaps for SF we can hit the hotkey once for close range, twice for mid range, and three times for long range? At the moment, not being able to hit the hotkey twice to ethereal jaunt is kind of ridiculous.


  • #2
    Agree with your point with Puck.

    Disagree with your point with SF.


    • #3
      Originally posted by Chubby1968 View Post
      Agree with your point with Puck.

      Disagree with your point with SF.

      Puck's Illusory Orb should be like Alchemist stun or AA ultimate - to use the secondary effect, press the same hotkey the second time.

      Greatly disagree with SF though - that would be a disaster, and also unnecessary considering that he only has razes + ultimate, so 4 hotkeys is fine.


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        Originally posted by Chubby1968 View Post
        Agree with your point with Puck.

        Disagree with your point with SF.
        Agree with this as well. Puck change seems intuitive, but having SF hit a button 3 times is slower than pressing it once. It would make the spell unnecessarily clunky.


        • #5
          change pucks orb like how x marks the spot was changed, and greatly disagree on sf's idea.


          • #6
            Puck works like that for a reason: Refresher Orb (even though you`ll rarely see a Puck bying a refresher Orb )

            You can`t fire two orbs without teleportig to the first one!

            While it is a minor problem, I really believe it is something they`ve allready thought about. Especially if we consider how often this topic was brought up allready.
            Last edited by Cocofang; 02-07-2012, 01:37 PM.


            • #7
              I really dont understand why puck jaunt placed on separated key but about sf suggestion, well, it's just complete bullshit.


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                I greatly disagree. For one reason.

                (It wouldnt greatly impact the game, i think)
                Both would be fine. In HoN, it's the same hotkey, and it's fine like that. Either way, it would be fine.