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Give us the option to rebind the ALT key

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  • Give us the option to rebind the ALT key

    Please don't tell me i'm the only one that wants the "show health bars" option on the ALT key! For years have i played like this on WC3, so much that i can't handle playing without it. Having the health bars on at all times is extremely frustrating for me. And on top of that you add stupid stuff like show hero icon on minimap and that huge laser hiting the hero when i press the key. It's like your making the game for people with extremely bad eye sight and 2 digits IQ's. Do it like HoN did it, give the option for the player to customize the game to his liking! Who wants to have health bars at all times fine, good for them. But for those of us who don't like it, please give it to us. It's should be an extremely easy to code feature.

    Oh and hello everyone!

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    i dont undertand not having heath bars on allthetime


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      Originally posted by etchii View Post
      i dont undertand not having heath bars on allthetime
      It's mostly a thing of what you are used with and having the option to choose the way you want it. But if you want a simple example, many times hp bars of creeps cross over eachother, thus making it almost impossible to last hit. In such a situation, with hp bars off, i could just hover the mouse cursor over the targeted creep to easily see just his hp bar.


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        you guys should discuss this here


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          I've wanted that since day 1. Please, add it. HoN has it, DotA has it. Why not DOTA 2?