The first time I get my hands on DotA2 I felt that something is lacking when clicking the mouse.

In comparison to War3/DotA1, if you right click or A + left click on the ground there should be a click sound. For DotA2 there are no sound effect as such.

I've been playing with headset on and for me to have that confirmation that I issued a click, I should hear a sound. This is somehow silly but it kinda bother me at playing.

Now 3 months past and I'm used to it already (without having sound), however it will be a good little addition to DotA2.

One more thing is that when I press a hotkey (not casted yet), say not an area effect skill like frost, and wanted to cancel the skill (because the target is gone) I usually click the ground or in a vacant area to cancel it, in DotA2 you still need to press ESC which is annoying.

Hope you to hear my comments. Thanks!