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Redesign Single Draft Hero Selection Screen

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  • Redesign Single Draft Hero Selection Screen

    FINAL SD.png

    The blue outlines from other players are the votes you have placed
    The numbers below the hero is the # of votes from your teammates that they want you to pick
    When a Player has already decided for a hero, the your outline from them will be removed and the other 2 heroes will be grayscaled..

    The main objective of these format is to Promote team play in SD mode..
    other objectives are:
    Remove unnecessary hero clutter you didn't drafted

    In this hero selection screen:
    • You can see your teammates drafts
    • Vote/Suggest to teammates on whose hero he should pick
    • See the votes of your teammates on who they want for the hero picks

    why make it like this?
    Saying your drafted in chat is harder, especially when 4 of you are chatting at the same time, It will be harder on your team to decide for a hero lineup.
    In this format, you will immediately start talking on who to pick and what is the optimal lineup

    I have more format in my head for the Hero selection screen. I will be uploading a different version tomorrow

    P.S.: I searched first and there's Another SD suggestion here:
    Honestly I haven't seen his suggestion but since I don't like to hiajck his thread, I'm posting another thread
    P.S.S.: I'm not a HON player
    P.S.S.S.: I never played or seen HON gameplay ever in my whole life
    P.S.S.S's: I just saw this picture earlier thats why I placed 2 extra P.S.'s
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  • #2
    hey, well atm the SD is so bad and I like this suggestion.

    I'm HON player and I agree 100% on this suggestion, I just add a swap option that u forget.


    • #3
      I'm guessing the currect SD screen is just a temporary one and it will be changed to something similar. Anyways im voting for this one also


      • #4


        • #5
          I'm fairly certain the current SD picker is a placeholder, and I'd much rather have the features earlier with a less polished interface.

          Now to your point, I REALLY like your idea, and I think Valve should take it into consideration.


          • #6
            Great suggestion, could use a boarder or something around what your heroes are.


            • #7
              I very much like this - very polished and you clearly put some extra elbow grease on the mechanics.

              My only thought (and this is only my own intution) is that it would seem more intuitive to have the highlighting boxes for your other four teammates represent the votes you have cast, rather than their current "unselected selection." To complete this alternate take, I would suggest players' "unselected selections" be highlighted with the other two in grayscale (identical to your "picked" state, visually). Upon actually "picking," the other two heroes portraits would fade away entirely, leaving only the selected, full color portrait.

              That said, I again very much like what you've come up with and would welcome this with open arms. Great work!


              • #8
                +1 to this. I wouldn't mind the swap heroes bit added in, but even without it, I would be much happier. As is, people are instant picking one or just clicking through their three selections like crazy people so everyone knows what they have.


                • #9
                  This is actually very good, t-up!
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                  • #10
                    +1 It's like in Dota1 where you could share to see the other teammate's hero picks in their circles (I think this was removed at some point for no good reason?) ... anyways, I like it.


                    • #11
                      Looks like a good addition.
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                      • #12
                        +1, ... SUPPORT


                        • #13
                          +1 perfect idea it must be implemented


                          • #14
                            I think its a good idea, simple and looks clean. I also agree with the people saying that it should have a swap option. Maybe by right clicking the hero that you want to swap, you can choose and option to suggest swap with player. The other player then would receive a box with an accept and reject option.
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                            • #15
                              +1 I really like this in hon as well. needs to be implemented.