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Make hero skills more unified. Aka Unified skillset

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  • Make hero skills more unified. Aka Unified skillset

    Hello all fellow betatesters. Since point of Dota2 is to bring to the masses and make game simpler in terms of interface to play it (lowering get in bar) I have following suggestion.

    Unified skillset.

    Make all skill of all heroes start from left to right in order: Orbattack/toggletable attack, Nuke, stun/cc, aggressive activated skill , passive activated skill, passive self, passive aura.
    To elaborate
    Huskar has Inner Vitality (passive activated), Burning Spear (orbattack), Berserker's Blood (passive self).

    Drow has Frost Arrows (orbattack), Silence (activated passive), Trueshot Aura (passive aura).

    Unified skill would cause Huskar's Inner vitality and Burning spear to be swapped in order (because orbattack in in higher priority to left).
    Drow would not have any changes.

    And yes, to counter all arguments of this being bad and hard, make it an option, like a tick, use unified skillsets and make on as default. Just like legacy keys are there for people who don't want to use qwer or other unified settings.

    Thank you and please leave feedback other than -1 this is shit/ get fuck out of here noob.

  • #2
    Do agree. Would make it a little easier activating/deactivating orbs if they were all mapped to same button.


    • #3
      The solution to this would be allowing players to change the order of the skills like you could in Warcraft III.
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      • #4
        so long as its optional and off by default, i dont give a shit

        i am a die-hard wc3 player and so i would hate to re-learn hotkeys and order just for some sort of "unified" skillset stuff but if you want to make it an option thats fine by me


        • #5
          I think OP is referring to the order that they are displayed on the UI, not changing their oldschool wc3 bindings.

          I'm not sure why this is such a big deal, new players will need to learn what the skills do regardless of their position among the 4 slots, and Dota heroes are not as cookie cutter or unified in their abilities as other Moba games. This may end up causing more confusion rather than reducing it.

          Newer players should be learning to use hotkeys and not using the UI at all for abilities, this should be stressed heavily in the tutorial sections of Dota 2.


          • #6
            this would only makes sense if every single hero had the same amount of spells that were orbs, passives, actives, etc.

            but they don't, so this is just an awful suggestion imo


            • #7
              Originally posted by vladhood View Post
              this would only makes sense if every single hero had the same amount of spells that were orbs, passives, actives, etc.

              but they don't, so this is just an awful suggestion imo
              Not it's not, you're an idiot. It's called a priority order.
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              • #8
                and its a bad idea


                • #9
                  Well I'm very used to the old type, but I really like the idea (if it's optional ofcourse). I mean... Why not? For many people it can be useful. Anyway, +1
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                  • #10
                    No, there is too many of these "why not?" suggestions. Why not? Because they give the wrong impression. DotA heroes don't fit niche roles for this "unified order" thing to do anything but make new players focus on the wrong thing.


                    • #11
                      Usually nuke is what you want to level up on most heroes. Also autoattack toggling would be much easier this way. It would also make better that way that passive would be always on e. And dota heroes' skills can be easily fit to these categories. Name a hero and i will the how his skills would look.


                      • #12
                        I'm also in the camp of someone who wouldn't use the feature, but don't find the idea repulsive either.

                        I don't think anyone has made a thoughtful or strong case against the idea yet.

                        It sounds very much like an extension of the "non-legacy" binding approach - could be a good improvement/reworking to re-order those non-legacy skills in the UI (would involve re-mapping for players in the beta using the default bindings, though).

                        My intuition is that I personally would not have learned the game faster or found it easier to pick up with such a feature in place. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable and couldn't tell you the 'order' of any heroes' skills from my long-term memory... it's not something I log as worth spending time remembering... but then no single person can claim to represent how all new players pick up the game.

                        Seems to me such suggestions targeted and intended for new players are most constructively approached/filtered by polls that exclusively target those new and recently new players. The thoughts of someone like myself who learned under much different constraints are of less value.

                        To that end, the dev team might do well to use the "i am new/average/pro" data collected when first starting the game to send questionairres/polls at certain pools of players to better assess and address these sorts of suggestions.


                        • #13
                          There is an existing thread for this:


                          • #14
                            -1 for pointless change. Even LoL didn't have this.

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                            • #15
                              I don't think this is needed, it could make things confusing, people have already been used to referring skills by their CURRENT number (if they do refer to them by number). Also, it's already stated what type of skill a certain skill is in the tooltip (ability type: active, etc). Plus, how often do you autocast your orb and find out "oh shit, the autocast button was E, not R" or something?

                              If you play one hero, learn that hero's skills, then use another hero, will the first hero's skillset be so much burned into you? Even when I first started off playing dota I already knew each hero was different and had a different set of skills, which is kinda the point of having so many heroes in the first place. Somehow I think this kind of functionality would further confuse beginners, when they use a few heroes with similar functioning skills (maybe 1=disable 2=nuke 3=passive 4=ult) and after that they use a hero which is very different (example sand king, only 1= active , 2,3= passive and 4=ulti, which is also passive)

                              Another thing I don't like is the standard QWER hotkeys. My stand with this is that it makes every hero feel the same, and as a beginner I felt every hero was very different and unique due to their skillset, which included their hotkeys. I never complained because I really felt the uniqueness of each hero, which this could take away.