First of all I don't know why it is ok now for the enemy to know exactly when the disable ends. It was clear that you didn't want to do that when OD have separate particle effects of Astral Imprisonment for his allies and enemies.

But ok, let's assume that we want both to know the same stuff now and we want to indicate the duration more clearly.

First problem of recent UI solution. You can only indicate the duration of one disable. For example silence will override disarm. It is a problem because the one can be more important than the other depending on the hero. With the caster I'm more worried about the silence rather than disarm but with rightclicker it is the opposite.

It is especially troublesome because UI text and duration bar obscures most disables icons and gives us information only about one.

The text with AOE disables adds unnecessary clutter. For example we do not need text to black hole since we got massive particle effect, screen frame, and heroes with special animations. The text is redundant and can possibly cover up other disables especially with more than one heroes under AOE effect (and you always want to have as many enemies affected as possible).

Not all roots are the same. CM disable have initial stun (which causes annoying text flash) it also disarms the victim for entire duration. Instead of helping the newer players it could confuse them even more since the text "ROOTED" doesn't mean the same thing every time.


The thing you want to change instead of the UI are the particle effects of skills and items.

The Astral Imprisonment ally particle effect is exactly what you should do. You should have the timer merged with the particle effect. Why? Because then you can have multiple disables with multiple timers and with less clutter.

Some examples of implementation:
  • Lion's hex could have it's animation changed like this. The frog would start the tongue animation only when the hex is about to expire (let's say 0.5s).
  • The generic stun "hurricane" could slow down and eventually stop when effect is going to end. It could change it's color to indicate that instead. Or it could start to get smaller.
  • Silence icon could have it's X slowly removed when expiring.
  • Disarm particle effect on hands could get bigger for a brief moment before expiring.
  • ET sleep could have it's ZZZ slowly disappear one by one.
  • SS would have a new animation when Shackles channeling is about to end.
  • etc.

The exact time of the new animation/particle effect/fade is of course subject to tests 0,5s is just a suggestion.

Also simple update of some skills/items particle effects could be helpful in making their effect more clear. Like mentioned before CM root. It could have additional disarm ice particle on victims hands (of course could be different color to that of Heaven's Halberd).

Shadow demon doesn't have duration indicator even though it is very similar to the OD spell. Bloodthorn should have different particle effect to Orchid. Every skill should indicate what it does distinctively. It is a different skill after all. Labeling disables by text isn't good idea just because of that.

This way of doing things will be helpful but it still would be good to know exact durations/effects of the spells. The feedback for the player would be more subtle but it would feel more natural.


The problems of this solution. It requires more work so it could come in waves instead of one update. If done wrong those could cause fps drops more than text indicator. Also cosmetic skills. People want them and buy them. They can and do fundamentally change the particle effects. With that timing portion of those effects (however the OD immortal keeps it cool).

Maybe that is the reason Valve wants those text indicators? So they can go a bit more wild with skill cosmetics. We don't know, they do not say that.