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[suggestion]Add AOE indicator for cone shaped spell

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  • [suggestion]Add AOE indicator for cone shaped spell

    As title, it's always quite confusing for me to figure out the exact aoe of cone shaped skills, and I could imagine this is only worse for new players.

    Say I play Lina, I have a nice circle indicator for LSA, but nothing for dragon slave? Why should cone shpaed spells be harder to aim? The only reason why we don't have AOE indicator for cone shaped spells is because of old wc3 engine. With the new dota2 engine we should have it as this don't affect game play but make it easier for new player to learn.

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    Totally agree with that. +1


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      Agree with your example about Lina, things are rather inconsistent when it comes to these indicators.
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        in b4 accusations of making it too easy

        I think it's a good idea. I also think it would be a good idea to have "aoe" indicators for line spells (e.g. potm's and wr's arrows, pudge's and clockwork's hooks), at least in the tutorials so that people who are new or just want to know can see the width of these skills.


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          I think it's fine the way it is now...

          I apologize for the little (or big) english mistakes, learn a different language is not easy....
          I'm fluent in Portuguese and Japanese, btw

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            Totally agree.
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              Originally posted by SomeAsian View Post
              in b4 accusations of making it too easy
              saying 'inb4' doesn't nullify the argument


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                Originally posted by vladhood View Post
                saying 'inb4' doesn't nullify the argument
                It doesn't indicate that it's trying to, either. Being able to clearly see the path and AOE in the heat of battle may indeed give a visual crutch for players to rely on when we would like them to rely on composure, experience, and ability to read the battle instead.

                Still, I think having a clear AOE indicators somewhere (like tutorials) would make sense to help players learn.


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                  Concering those cone indicators I would prefer if they wouldn't show the entire cone. I also don't really like range indicators (at least while using the skill)

                  It makes early game just to perfect. So perfect that it mgiht get boring since instead of running a few feets ahead because you are out of range you'll just stand there and have an easy time measuring your range, leading to less positioning faults and a less interesting laning phase.

                  I don't really dislike the idea of a coneshape AoE marker but the current AoE markers don't show wether you are in range or not. The cone shaped would probably show you.

                  I think that this pasivness is also the real reason for no-range indicators int the game currently.


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                    Totally agree with OP. +1
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                      I don't like all that indicators. They will make graphics too hard to watch. Anyway it can be implemented like an option for those who love it.