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Option for old HUD

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  • Option for old HUD

    As title says, can there be an option for the old HUD? or settings / make customizable?
    Some of the problems I have, which I admit are subjective:
    EVERYTHINGS FUCKING TINY, the numbers, the health/mana bars, the stats, it really strains my eyes to the point I don't want to play more than 30 minutes and this is coming from someone who's played over 7000 matches and loves/ loved? Dota 2.
    The health/ mana bar being at the very bottom of the screen, not only are the numbers hard to see, the contrast between the bars and the edge of the monitor is also hard on the eyes.
    Also having to click the skill points instead of using hotkeys. It's hard to level up and prone to mistakes when you're trying to skill during a team fight where an extra level in stun or a nuke could win you the fight.

    Not really related but I also have a really long name, close to max limit. Whenever I get towers/items/runes/ kills (especially when the other player has a long name) it can take up to 1/5th of the screen which is really distracting as it's quite a large bar in the top half of the screen

    Edit: Also the minimap colour is really dull/dim and it's hard to differentiate some hero icons, can there be an option to brighten it?
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  • #2
    we need an option for customizing the hud size at least. Moving the fucking hp/mp bars closer to center would also be nice


    • #3
      I totally agree - we need the option for the old HUD and there is a good reason for this:

      Why is the most important information on the bottom of the screen very small and very hard to see in a fight? Health and Mana Bars NEED to be big and close to the hero because we do need the numbers. The bars displayed directly over the hero are nice but they dont have numbers and they are not static - if lots of effects are taking place its hard to see them.
      Usually in a fight I dont even need to glance away from my hero and now his HP and Mana - now I have to actively look down to the bottom of the screen - thats pretty shit in our opinion (talking for my group here).

      @svenfan: and i totally agree with what you wrote in regards to upleveling etc



      • #4
        The new HUD will be fine if they make it bigger and put the mana/hp bars above the abilities. Hopefully a dev can give us some insight on their plans for these issues


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          make more icons and interface skills