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Unit query window issues

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  • Unit query window issues

    The new unit query window is a new and awesome feature. Howwever, it has a few remaining issues that I'll talk about in this thread.

    Here are the current issues: (updated May 26th, 2019)
    1. Cannot see targets benefits from main attribute, e.g. Status Resistance for Strength heroes.
    2. Cannot see teammates quickbuy.
    3. Cannot see Roshan's inventory. This is pretty important to know whether he'll drop Cheese or Refresher shard or Aghanim's etc.
    4. No channeling cast bar.
    5. Unit query window overlaps with icons for the player's & teammates' voice chat indicators.
    6. Portrait is always animated even if the setting for player portrait animation is turned off.
    7. Double clicking the portrait initiates a camera lock, that is not broken when trying to center your hero. You have to use ESC to get rid of the camera lock or wait 8 seconds.
    8. Remove the sliding transition animation when initially clicking on a unit. The sliding animation has been removed from the scoreboard but is still present for the Unit Query window.
    9. Venomancer's Plague Wards do not show any HP:

    10. [B]Selecting a spirit bear looks very weird:

    Inventory should be right-aligned and the HP/Mana bars should stretch the whole distance from left border to right inventory border. This way it's not possible for the Spirit Bear panel to look as shitty as it does currently.
    11. Selecting an infested Naix looks very weird as well:
    12. Tombstone is bugged aswell when selected

    7.23 update:

    Cannot see allied or enemy neutral item inventory slot at all

    7.22 update:

    Still cannot see Roshan's inventory! This is now very important since his inventory is no longer pre determined on his third death..

    7.20 update:

    Cannot see allied or enemy TP scroll inventory slot at all.

    See screenshot, cannot see Dazzle's TP scroll:

    7.07 update:

    Cannot see Roshan's inventory, this is important to figure out which and how many items he will drop upon death (since there's now Refresher Shard).

    New primary attribute bonuses are not shown, e.g. Status Resistance from Strength on Str heroes:

    Suggested mockup of added quickbuy items:

    Left side shows current Unit Query panel. It cannot/doesn't display quickbuy information and the stash items have no outline/background of any sorts and no label.

    On the right side there's a quick sketch I made that adds quickbuy content, a background for both stash and quickbuy and labels for both.

    I'm sure you can improve my suggestion even further, it's just there to give you a direction. Important parts are highlighted in my text above.

    Another suggestion: create a new user cvar/setting, which let's you choose the time that the panel is displayed for. Currently it is displayed for 8 seconds or until you close it. Would be nice if users could lower that number (in full seconds from 1 to 8), or even increase it (if that does not raise any concerns for the game balance).
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      Updated initial post since a few issues have been fixed recently.
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        Since the Siltbreaker update the Unit Query window no longer displays any skill icons or skill cooldowns. You are also unable to interact with alt+click on the blacked out place where the skill icons are supposed to be.

        Still cannot see teammates quickbuy, would be sweet if it was added.
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          Added potentially removing the sliding animation of the Unit Query window. Sliding animation has been removed from the scoreboard so I think it's fair to also remove it from the Unit Query window to get instant information.
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            Dota 2 Update - June 12, 2017: not fixed (update #12 since it's been broken, Siltbreaker update FTW)
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              Dota 2 Update - June 13, 2017: fixed for 4 skill layouts.

              Still bugged on Invoker for example!

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                Dota 2 Update - June 14, 2017: 3 more updates that haven't fixed the last issue.

                Steps to reproduce:

                1. Turn off option Unit query overrides hero control console
                2. Create lobby, fill empty slots with bots, start game
                3. Before picking a hero go to console: dota_bot_force_pick npc_dota_hero_nevermore
                4. Select friendly Shadow Fiend
                Expected result: You can see his abilities and ability cooldowns in the Unit Query panel
                Actual result: All of his ability icons are bugged out. Seems like they have shrunk to about 17% of their intended size.
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                  Thanks a lot for fixing it thoroughly! The initial post still contains more nice-to-fix stuff, keep it up! Eventually more players will decide to use the feature, I think a lot are just not aware of it or it's advantages :/
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                    Added infested Naix issue. Should be similar to the Lone Druid Spirit Bear issue?

                    Regardless, sometimes units with fewer than 4 abilities have their HP/Mana bars squished together and the inventory is still right next to it. The inventory should always be on the right side and the hp and mana bars should always expand for the full length.
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                        Yeap. Still having this problem.


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                            Please deplay a quick fix. It's not possible to see the movement speed of another unit with Unit Query panel enabled. Attack Damage and Armor at least show up in the mouse-over tooltip, but movement speed does not.
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