Hey console masters,

I am looking for a command to get rid of the unit selction rings.
I still want to have the unit selected, but just stop showing the rings.
I'd like to create a video and in my particular case I need it to be free from all kinds overlays (HUD, unit rings etc.).
I need this command to work in a private lobby game, where I can set up my scene.

Here's a picture of what I mean: https://d.pr/Vcvtv

Hope to find help here :I Cheers!

Sent this via Email to Dota 2 Team at Valve:

Dear Dota 2 Team,

I am a passionate filmmaker and huge fan of Dota 2! Currently I try to combine these two passions by starting a series of short videos called 'The Beauty of Dota' highlighting many of the unseen details the game incorpartes. Here is an idea of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LDJRHLAetM&

I use my own config file with a set of commands, like to enable free camera, disable the HUD etc., which all help to create pretty recordings free from overlays. For my next video I would really love to feature all the shops on the map in a close-up view using my free camera style.

I figured the shop-characters have lovely animations, which I'd like to add to the video, but I realised they only trigger when actively entering the shop range. This means a replay of a game, with a hero stepping towards a shop won't trigger the animations, which again means I must controll the hero manually in private lobby to force the animations.
Since I can't use the free camera command in a private lobby, I compromised by using monkey king's transform (mischief) ability and toggeling showcase-view This way I can get as close to the shop withouth having a standing out unit. The only thing that's left is the unit selection ring of the shop character showing. Here's a picture of what I mean: https://d.pr/Vcvtv

Is there a way to hide these selection rings via commands or do you have any workaround solution?

I really hope to find help by reaching out to the Dota 2 Team and I look forward to hear from you.
Kind regards