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Bug with Slardar

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  • Bug with Slardar

    Hi there... I just want to report that i was playing with Skeleton King and in the entire match i cant see my enemy Slardar... the character, in the match or in the minimap.. it was like that hero does not exist in my game... but all my team can see that hero... i can see the slardar powers, but not the character itself.. i cant target the hero, but my hero can automatically attack slardar with no orders.. If there is any suggestion, advice or mistake.. let my know it..

  • #2
    sometimes happens to me, when having laggy internet, just rj game and it fixes..

    and it's not a bug


    • #3
      i think it should be considered a bug. Theres simply a error somewhere which makes heroes dissappear after having some laggs. this is a issue that has to be fixed for full release to avoid downtime in matches due to having to reconnect.


      • #4
        Just reconnect, it's a network error.


        • #5
          If it is caused by connection errors it's not really a bug, but it probably can be fixed (maybe refresh the hero models after lag?)


          • #6
            if you do not know that is about your lag.. thats the problem...


            • #7
              That happen to actually most of the unit in game if you play in laggy situations.(Or if some how your internet just gone wild for a very brief moment) (but I rarely see it with the hero unit)

              Last night I need to fight with the invisible creep for a while until the next wave come and everything return to normal
              And also facing like hitting misplace location of Roshan

              New to Dota2, never play Dota before| Ok so it's been half a year, still more new thing to learn. The game is awesome. | It's been 3 years, still don't know how to play half of the heroes. The game is the other half of my life now.


              • #8
                Anyone not considering this a bug must be mad. So, it's intentional then, a feature maybe? Why "reconnect to fix" if nothing is wrong?


                • #9
                  It happens that I see a melee creep instead of a range creep attacking like a range one, or when im radiant i see dire creeps fighting with me or viceversa.. of course it happens when im lagged, and im the only one that see that..