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Seeing enemy invokers currently invoked spells - why?

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    Originally posted by karadoc View Post
    Nar man, it isn't that simple. Otherwise we could make the argument that since we couldn't share courier without sharing hero control in dota 1, it should be the same in dota 2.

    Being the same as dota 1 should be the default position for any design decision, but ultimately we want dota 2 to be an improvement over dota 1, and so not everything will be exactly the same.
    Correct. But I see no improvement with letting enemies see the currently active spells. "Invoke" skill animation and visual effects are informative enough IMO.
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      +1 for not to be shown.
      Winter solstice.
      Originally posted by uebok
      Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.


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        I agree to some extent. Depending what Valve intended. You should either be able to see what skills anyone has learned (sans the level they've learned) or you should just not be able to see Invoker's skills.



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          I never knew this.. But I definitely don't think this should be shown. I think there are enough reasons and I don't need to restate them.


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              It's just a bug, it isn't meant to be shown. They should just show Quas, Wes, Exort, and Invoke. In DotA they don't show, so obviously they won't just let it show here, it'll be fixed soon.


              • #22
                It not only shows the skills in use, but the current level is also highlighted. It does impact invoker in a significant way as a player can determine the potency of spells like tornado/emp/chaos meteor right away.


                • #23
                  Oh god, even considering keeping it as showing? Please do not. Remove this god-awful annoying bug. It. Should. Not. Show.


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                      Bumping this shit up as I believe this would be a quick fix.